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Improving children's mental health at a key moment

by CRiBS in Bexleyheath, England, United Kingdom


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To improve mental, social and emotional skills of primary children as they move to secondary in Bexley, Greenwich and Kent boroughs.

by CRiBS in Bexleyheath, England, United Kingdom

So many problems in secondary schools and the difficult teenage years could be helped by preparing primary children for the move to secondary school. 

CRiBS have been working in the London Borough of Bexley for over 25 years and four years ago we were asked to organise workshops to help those in the last year of primary school (Year 6), prepare for their move to secondary school. We created Taking Off and have been amazed that in each and every category we've had 90-100% positive responses with the number of children helped more than doubling. 

Your support will help us go into at least 3 new schools reaching around 250 children and even more if we smash the original target. We will provide an interactive workshop which kicks off with a drama performed by our staff. In the drama two 'children' wonder to themselves what it will be like to go on their first aeroplane flight to 'Sekon Derry' (Secondary)! Will their fears overwhelm them and what can they do to prepare? This is followed by hot-seating where the audience can ask the the characters questions and explore the ideas further. Classes are then split up so that they can take part in different activities like making a memory box, question and answers, line of continuum and equipment checklist. 

Your help can ensure we reach new children in the Bexley borough and, where possible the neighbouring borough of Greenwich and county of Kent. 

Here's what some of our best critics have to say:


  • Fantastic workshops in small groups with CRiBS Team sharing their own personal memory boxes. Will definitely book up for next year 
  • Good resources and booklets given in the second part of the session allowed children to reflect further on their thoughts. 
  • Thank you for an interactive workshop that the children were able to reflect on the issues related to transition. 
  • I was supporting Special Educational Needs (SEN) children and they have lots of worries and this helped them to voice the opinions.


  • They gave great advice and taught me what to do in situations that make me feel nervous/uncomfortable 
  • That it helped me what to do if I am lost, getting picked on or if I don´t understand. 
  • I enjoyed most to be able to open up 
  • Learning how to deal with bullies and gangs 
  • I enjoyed the fact that they made things clear. 
  • It helped me feel less worried. 
  • When we were split into our little groups and discussed our concerns and the things we were excited for. 
  • They all made me feel more confident about secondary school 
  • They used real people who actually were in secondary rather than assuming it and I liked how you linked it to a plane ride. Really fun and enjoyable! 
  • They made me feel confident about moving to secondary school and even more excited. 

You can help children Take Off, please vote for us today. 


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