Important conservation study in Madagascar

TWO FINGERS UP TO TRUMP! Lets show him we LOVE our planet! Help fund the research that will prove climate change is happening PLEASE!

We did it!

On 29th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £700 with 17 supporters in 28 days
You’ve all heard the news. Species becoming close to extinction every day. Record temperatures. Freak weather.
And then to top it all we have people like Donald Trump withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, even
though the US is one of the top polluters in the world. The world is in bad shape. 
I’m just one person. But, I know that I can make a difference – however small!
An ongoing 5 years study on the island of Nosy Be, just off Madagascar has been focussing on the effects of deforestation, climate change and human encroachment and its effect on the beautiful endemic biodiversity of this incredible place.

After leaving my established graphic design career to embark on a BSc Animal conservation and Biodiversity degree 3 years ago, I have just been offered an unpaid fantastic opportunity to work alongside science academics. We are collecting data and publishing a paper to contribute to the fight against foolish climate deniers. PROOF IS WHAT WE NEED! Studies like these are so important in protecting our planet as evidence is key. 

 I am therefore asking you to please be generous not only for me but for the protection and future of all the amazing endemic species of Madagascar (AND to prove to world leaders the importance of taking care of our planet and its resources!!)


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