Implicit Clothing

Implicit Clothing

Hi to anybody who may be reading this crowdfunder, my name is Phillip McCluskey and this is my project "Implicit Clothing".

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On 3rd Nov 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Hi to anybody who may be reading this crowdfunder, my name is Phillip McCluskey and this is my project "Implicit Clothing".



The idea for Implicit Clothing first came about at the beginning of 2015; I was attending Leicester College studying Business, this being the stepping stone to me entering University (I now attend Middlesex University studying for a Marketing BA), where I noticed the vast amount of students who were wearing printed apparel; this ranged from t-shirts, jumpers, long sleeve t-shirts and tracksuits; with this in mind I began development of Implicit Clothing. While at College I received two awards one being Adult Learner of the Year award, the second being Business Learner of the Year award and completed the year with thirty-three distinctions and twelve merits. I am in no way explaining this to you to brag, although I am incredibly proud of this achievement, I am giving the reader an insight as to the level of dedication I put into anything I do; I intend to do the same with Implicit Clothing. 

After much research into the clothing industry, primarily the Indie clothing industry, I came up with several possible names and put them to test via an online questionnaire which targeted the general public and also a paper questionnaire which I ensured to give to my predicted target audience. I did the same with several design ideas and also logo ideas, from this I collated and compiled a report of my results (this I also used for a report I was issued by my marketing tutor which gained a distinction mark). "Implicit Clothing" gained an overall "yes" rating of 80%, the popularity of this name was evident in the qualititive data also as feedback given was incredibly positive, thus the name "Implicit Clothing" was born.

In the eight months since beginning this project I have secured manufacturing in Turkey, have a fantastic award winning graphic designer (gaining a first class in University through his work) who developed the logo and is currently developing the first of the designs I intend to launch with, possible use of a distribution centre located in northampton, a web page developer who has offered to develop me an e-commerce site and with the help of my Dad who is a film director and actor (director of Moving Picture films) am beginning to lay the foundations for a cinematic trailer to launch with. I have already begun marketing pre-launch via a Facebook page, Instagram page and recent sponsorship of a hometown (Coventry) boxing show whereby I sponsored the show through Implicit Clothing.

The major issue I have at the moment is funding this project; I am not somebody who simply gives up and after the time and money I have already invested into Implicit Clothing this is added motivation to not giving up, but since beginning University and moving to London acquiring the funds needed has been quite a task to continue development and hopefully maintain the original launch date of mid-2016. 

Also, I am not one to receive and not give back; I promise to all readers and to anybody who may possibly donate that if I reach the target and I am able to launch Implicit Clothing through your good will I will share a percentage of any net profit made to charitable organisations, that again is a promise. Also, the sum requested will cover all start up manufacturing costs as well as web page development and the development of the trailer intended upon launch. 

Thank you for taking the time to read, if you would like to know more or have any queries then feel free to contact me via email -

Thank you again.

Phillip McCluskey

Edit: All backers will gain an honouree mention on the web page for all donations made.





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