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Care Packages & COVID-19 Support

by SAMANTHA WATSON in Beverley, England, United Kingdom


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We want to enable women in poverty to feel dignified by providing essential items. We also want to support families affected by COVID-19

by SAMANTHA WATSON in Beverley, England, United Kingdom



As a proud volunteer fundraiser for Bundles Of Joy we are using our network of connections to further help people living in poverty in Hull & East Riding with this new project. 

The charity is currently fully volunteer ran, and we rely on the community to help and drive our charity forward which it has done since late 2016. 

Currently our main aspect of the charity is to provide essential items to families who are in poverty from domestic abuse, illness and crisis amongst many others. These people are referred through health professionals on an anonymous basis to ensure those really in need are the ones who get help. We receive items from the public which can be re-used, cleaned and fixed, as well as fundraise for items which cannot be re-used such as cots, mattresses etc.

From the enormous success of the charity since starting up, and the connections we have built we have an exciting new project with a Hull senior midwife at Hull Women’s and Children’s hospital. 

As well as the new project we need funds to buy essential items for families in our community who have been affected by COVID-19. We have had a surge in referrals since the pandemic began and we constantly run out of supplies, so it would be great if some of this amazing funding could help but more essentials too.


COVID-19 Support 

We have seen a huge surge in referrals for essential items for families who have been affected by COVID-19. This may mean they cannot afford a moses basket for a new baby, toys for a child's birthday or basic items like nappies, wipes and milk. As with the rest of our referrals, they are sent via health professionals so we know these go to the people who need them the most. This funding could help 100's families across Hull & East Riding who have been affected by the pandemic.

Care Packages

Some poverty-stricken women arrive to have a baby with absolutely nothing. No clothes, no soap or a toothbrush. There is currently no one helping in this area and midwives themselves often go and buy items for these women out of their own pockets. And here’s where this project steps in......

By securing our unit to store items and buy and organise the products for the packages, we can provide bulk amounts to the hospital for these women. The needs will be assessed by the midwifes who will determine who receive the packages. The packages will include items such as; toothbrush, sanitary products, shampoo, body wash and others. These items are much more than a physical product, but can also help with mental health and cleanliness. Knowing they can have a shower, wash their hair and have sanitary products to use restores dignity and builds their confidence again. Child birth takes an emotional toll on all women as well as physical, and the midwifes have told us how much these packages will help the women who desperately need them.

If we don’t help these women, who will? We are bridging gaps in our community and linking groups who wouldn’t usually connect. We are restoring confidence, mental health and cleanliness at a time where its most needed.







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