Immortal Vanity - Exhibition

Immortal Vanity - Exhibition

Please help me raise funds to produce my solo art exhibition 'Immortal Vanity', showing in London July 2016.

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On 31st Mar 2016 we successfully raised £90 with 5 supporters in 42 days



I am a self taught figurative artist, having made an exciting and liberating transition from fashion designer four years ago.

My early work of making sculptural historic corsets and gowns from spiral steel boning gained early success with shortlist for showing at RA Summer Exhibition and exhibiting at The Threadneedle Prize at The Mall Galleries. My passion for colour and pop art led me to challenge myself further, teaching myself to paint and 'accidently' discovering and further developing my own style. I have shown sculpture and paintings in numerous London exhibitions since 2012.

I have been invited to show a collection of work at Artifact Gallery in New York, 2018. A London solo show will represent the journey I have taken so far and will create the platform of which to work for my New York introduction.

'Immortal Vanity' will be a collection of paintings and sculpture exploring identity through physical manipulation, adornment and spiritual icons. These works will involve learning new skills (pewter casting and porceline structures being the most ambitious) as well as improving the skills I have attained so far. I have a student assistant who will learn what I learn in exchange for her help on the project.

My love of historical fashion shall continue to be evident in my work with studies in porceline of female corseted ribcages. These structures shall take the shape from historical tailor mannequins I have collected over the years with the help of a medical skeleton and historical references. A new story of paintings based on women and media expectations will be an exciting and vibrant part of the exhibition with models already eagar to pose for these works. Other works include new series of 'Holy Cow' sculptures, drawings and 'Buried Corsets'. I hope to challenge peoples perception of themselves, the message being that beauty is evident in all, that we need no adjustment to our physical selves.

Why do I need Crowdfunding help? I have supported myself so far with studio rent, insurances, equipment and several drawing classes and mold making/casting courses at London Sculpture Workshop. Crowdfunding will help me push my boundaries, jump out of my comfort zone and bring my art to the next level. I hope to cover expenses for gallery hire, advertising, materials such as more canvas, clay/porceline, firing costs, pewter and casting materials. 

'Immortal Vanity' will show at No Format Gallery July 13 - 17, 2016. Harrington Way, Woolwich SE18 5NR.

I have a studio at Second Floor Studio and Arts, Woolwich. 

For more of my work goto :

twitter: @sculptressbyday      instagram:  sculptressbyday




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