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The fund will be used to provide legal support to every family that had their Human Rights and Entry Clearance violated by the Home Office

by IMMIGRATION RAPID RESPONSE FUND in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

  • I have heard many stories and have seen countless families been destroyed because of a "institutional" violation of their Human Rights and their right to marriage and family life under Article 8, 12 and 14 using ECHR and other Convention Acts. Their Hope to have a normal life completely shattered by the Home Office. 

Their pain and suffering intensified and some even commit suicide because there was simply no hope, no help and nowhere or anyone for them to turn to for help that they so desperately needed. The legal cost was completely out of their hands and the peril of hopelessness follows: death in some cases; absent mothers and fathers; depression and mental health deterioration and just complete chaos.

But it doesn't have to be so if there was somewhere or someone out there that they can turn to for the complete legal help. Families are torn apart simply because they do not have the finance to seek and pay for professional help.

This is where you come in. This is where you can help. This is where you can make that difference. Another family doesn't have to be broken, another child doesn't have to go to bed without daddy or mummy and love ones doesn't have to stay apart. 

By joining our cause and give what you can a FREE professional legal structure can be in place to support everyone that needs it in all immigration cases. A professional legal support can be there for any family that was denied their right to family life. 

How does it work?

The fund will take on the legal challenges with no cost to the Appellant (the family who applied to the Home Office) so that representation can be given by Immigration Specialists, to ensure families are supported from the right to appeal at First-tier Tribunals through to Upper Tribunal and beyond if necessary. 

You can make the difference. 

Champions will manage the funds on your behalf for every family and seek to establish a permanent investment strategy so that this support will continue for years and years to come. A permanent thorn to the Home Office and a permanent support to families.

We believe in the human race and we believe that collectively we can fight institutional malpractices and be successful. 


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