London's coolest expat project needs its heroes!

Support a team of inspiring young expats in their quest to motivate and inspire young people to never give up on their DREAMS!

We did it!

On 31st Mar 2016 we successfully raised £1,600 of £1,500 target with 42 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target


  1. £1500

Our first target would allow us to achieve three crucially important objectives: 1. Ensure smooth operation and sustain the promised quality and speed of the services through a) investment in appropriate Human Resources, e.g GURUS b) training and integration of such on the team c) development of customer service feedback and rating scheme 2. Website maintenance along with other necessary communication means such as virtual office, phone line, online chat, paypal invoicing, interactive basket, website mobile version & pownow conferencing. 3. Translation of the website and all supporting documents such as Survival Guible, National insurance, Bank account advice & Services and Procedure Guide just to mention a few.  Following languages would be covered in addition to English: RU, SWE, PL, SP, IT, FR, GE.

    II.      £2500

Our next step would be to safeguard our recent corporate existence by 1. Applying appropriate marketing schemes to get a wider publicity and coverage through following measures: a) locating our future and potential customers, b) advertising about our services and aims using as many relevant channels and social media as possible, c) spread our vision & importance of social enterprise and community participation d) expansion of our talent bank by the means of global recognition 2. Development of our partnership schemes and referral programmes which will facilitate the aiming standards and quality of our services by allying I AM LDN with the best partners possible. 3. Development and promotion of our Referral Angel program which is to facilitate the incentive for our clients to promote and recommend our services to other expats. Points are our own FAMILY currency, which members will be able to use to pay for the services.


You don’t need to have superpowers to be our HERO! What you do need on the other hand is to allow us 10 minutes of your time, so we can pitch about I AM LDN. A project that a group of young London expats in ages 18-27, have launched less than 2 weeks ago, after creating and working on it on a volunteering part-time basis for the last 6 months.

There have been times where our creativity and dedication levels have literally been of the hook and times when all work came to a complete stop. Nevertheless, we’ve managed to stay afloat and have finally launched our website (, where everything from content and services to photography and design has been developed by our loving in-house team with zero investment, only part time dedication, (as all of us have been engaged in either full time jobs or studies), no serial businessmen or stone aged experienced professionals, but with lots of love, passion and inspiration.

And that is exactly what we aim to epitomise as a social enterprise: inspiring young people worldwide by supporting young relocating expats, especially those with vulnerable backgrounds in their first steps of their new London life and most importantly socially integrate them into society through a range of activities and projects, where they can have an opportunity to utilize their talent, dream and potential by joining our team, partnering up to host one of our FAMILY branches, or simply becoming the leaders of their own suggested projects by applying for one of our two FAMILY SCHEMES.

Please explore our website (especially Kick-starters, Add-ons and I AM LDN FAMILY details, the screenshots of which you can see below)  and check out all of our videos(NEWS page) to see our ambition and dedication for yourself. If we have done all of it with pretty much zero resources, just imagine what we can do, once we get the financial support and global outreach to recruit more awesome talent!

w lots of LOVE/

the TEAM



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