I'm Carrying a Keg to Paris
We did it
On 11th May 2021 we successfully raised £300 with 12 supporters in 28 days

I want to help people improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Funds will be used to open a third Strength& group for 200 members.

I'm taking part in a 239 mile keg carry from Stevenage to the Eiffel Tower. For four weeks I'm going to be carrying a heavy object at least 1km a week with a group of friends that I train with!

It's a lot of work and I'm hoping this will inspire you to help me out and donate to this cause. 

If you pledge £11 we'll send you a signed photo of Ollie Clarke - one of our coaches and the Strongest Man in the UK (u23). If you can spare £23 or more you'll receive a Strength& t-shirt to say thank you. Pledge £38 and up to get a hoodie. I will be contacting all sponsors at the end of the 4 week period to ask you what you would like for your pledge, depending on the amount.

Or if you'd like to find out more about Strength& - or perhaps become a member yourself - check out www.strengthand.com - or search Strength& here on Crowdfunder, where you can grab an extra two trial sessions for just £12. Everyone's first session is free: https://strengthand.com/free-trial

Strength& is an outdoor training community. It's a modified type of exercise you might have seen in 'World's Strongest Man'. Lighter, obviously, so everyone can get involved. This video explains the basics:

It's so good it's even endorsed by the Fitness Editor of Men's Health, Andrew Tracey:

With two groups up and running - in Hertford and Stevenage - the team want to open another in Harlow, so they can help another 200 members improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Why does it members like me happier? It's a triple mental health whammy of The Great Outdoors, a community of encouraging mates and, of course, brilliant exercise. 

I've seen massive benefits since starting and want to help more people get access too.

Strength&'s programming is written by experts who understand the science of how strength and conditioning releases endorphins. The buzz it gives you is addictive which is why we keep on coming back for more!

I think that's the secret of how to become and stay fitter, stronger and happier.

And, of course, we all get coached  by Ollie Clarke, the UK's Strongest Man (u23).


Luckily he's also helping out on the Carry to Paa-ree challenge!

Just to be completely clear - Strength& is not a charity, it's part of the new generation of purposeful businesses. The founders (Brett Sizeland and Scott Wilkinson) are on a mission to help improve the mental and physical wellbeing of as many people as possible.

At the start of the journey Brett and Scott considered making Strength& a charity but realised that it would grow more quickly if it were structured as a business. 

In the last year, they've invested more than £25,000 in the first two groups and haven't taken a penny out - they each work other jobs to keep Strength& funded while supporting their own families too. And not being a charity means Strength& isn't entirely reliant on donations - but can grow and sustain itself like any other business whilst achieving its purpose. This crowdfunder will accelerate its growth and help open a third group - which allows another 200 people to start their journey.

We're all very sure this is going to work. Why? Strength& now has a proven training system which keeps people coming back. The business is helping coaches stay in the industry and make a decent living. And the no-contract subscriptions are priced as low as possible low for members. It's £37.50/mo for unlimited sessions, making it more accessible than most gym memberships. Yet with the extra benefits of better training plans, extra motivation, being taught in groups and becoming part of a community.

I really hope you can help get the next group up and running. Please make a pledge and let me know if you'd like a reward to say thank you.

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