Festive appeal

Festive appeal

Festive Appeal! Help sponsor a lifesaving refuge space for one year for a woman fleeing "honour" killing

We did it!

On 19th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £715 with 18 supporters in 56 days

With your help we can provide lifesaving and transformative support to a woman fleeing "honour" killing, like Amina. 

Last year, IKWRO were contacted by a hospital about a 20 year old pregnant woman called Amina. Amina had lost the ability to walk or talk. The doctors explained that there was no medical reason for her condition. It was caused purely by trauma. Amina’s body had tried to protect her, by shutting down. She could only communicate with the doctors by writing a few words. Amina had written “help, I can’t go back”.

Like Amina, most of the women and girls IKWRO supports have no family to turn to. In fact, it is often their family, the very people who should love and protect them the most, that they are fleeing from. No one should have to face the world alone. IKWRO becomes the new family of these inspiring survivors. We want you to join our family, by supporting this appeal.

Because of people like you, Amina was nurtured in our refuge. She progressed to walking with a frame, then a stick and eventually could take steps unaided. Gradually she regained her speech and more than that, her infectious laugh. In the Spring, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Samima, who now, like her mum, has a bright future ahead of her free from violence. 

With your help, we can ensure a bright future for one more woman in our refuge this coming year. 

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