Ignite the Light Sign Language

by Katie J Redstar in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Ignite the Light Sign Language
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Is communication the barrier for deaf and non verbal people, I am a sign language coach. Breaking everyday barriers in the communities.

by Katie J Redstar in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Everyday since i went deaf at the age of 3 years old communication has been a barrier for me, I use sign language and there's not many people who sign, there's over 340,000 sign language users that are deaf that feel the same way. There's 470,000 non verbal people in the united kingdom alone, so world wide theres so many more.

I pass on knowledge and understanding of deafness, and sign language, I create a safe and confident environment where people feel confident to learn, share stories, share experiences, ask for advice and feel connected to others without being judged. 

This also brings communities together to work together, learn new skills and connect. the outcome is that they have the life long skill they need/desire for maybe to communicate with a family member/ work colleague, friend or child. 

People from my current classes   


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