Help Improve Education for Syrian Refugee Children

by FlameOn in Bristol, England, United Kingdom


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With 2.5 million Syrian Refugees struggling to live in Istanbul, we want to give these children an opportunity to build a better life

by FlameOn in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

About Us

FlameOn is a social enterprise that connects people with the same passion (or “flame”) to work on solutions to global issues. We believe that collaboration and deep curiosity are the key to solving many of the world’s greatest problems. 

Our first project, “Project MATCHBOX” has been created to improve the education system for Syrian Refugee children in Tarlabaşı, Istanbul (Turkey). By sending high-value educational kits to a local non-profit in Istanbul (Tarlabaşı Toplum Merkezi -TTM), we will be able to inspire the children to ignite their inner passion (hence the name, “matchbox”) and learn how to pursue a career in their desired field. 

The Problem

In Istanbul, a small group of children can be found tapping on car windows selling bottles of water. These Syrian children form a community known as the Dom and an estimated 26 000 of them remain homeless, due to the crisis in the Middle East. Sadly, the Dom children face a great deal of prejudice. When asked why, a shoekeeper commented: “It is a prejudice, yes. I can’t explain it though. I just don’t like their complexion.”

Many of these Syrian children from the Dom community do not get an education. “They struggle to break out of this life because when they go to school, teachers discriminate against them and they don’t have the environment to study in when they come back home”, says a social worker at the centre. 

One organisation, TTM (mentioned above), is trying to help by providing educational and psychological support for nearly 5000 children and 3000 adults in Tarlabaşı. However, this support network may not exist for much longer.  Many of the buildings are being demolished, forcing the children to move. 

“They will have to move to wherever they can afford, and when they go, we will have to go too.  Our centre is one of the few places where it’s safe for children from these communities to play, and where women can discuss their problems. There’s nowhere else providing that.” 

And what about the very poorest of all, the Dom children who beg on the streets of Taksim Square, where will they go? “We don’t really know. And I don’t think they know either.”

The Solution

Project MATCHBOX! We are working to create high-value & self-sustaining (60 shoebox-sized) educational kits comprised of textbooks, practical learning kits, hands-on tools, and career pathways for the children (3-10 years old). By packaging material in Mathematics, Science, Geography, English, and Business, these children will be able to have a fundamental understanding of the major subject areas for school. Additionally, the learning material will span across an 8-10 year range, allowing the children to continue learning as they grow older. 

These matchboxes will then be sent to TTM (@tarlabasitoplummerkezi), where the employees and volunteers will distribute the kits to the children in the area. With your support, we will be able to purchase the educational material, package the boxes, and pay for the delivery to Istanbul. Since most Syrian children from the Dom community do not begin school, we are bringing the school to them. Ultimately, we want to reduce unemployment and dropout rates in the area. The children are the future, and we are giving them a chance to use their gifts and passions to change our world.

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A special thanks to AIRBUS Operations Ltd. (@airbus) for already donating 100+ books for the children.

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