Idiot Box

Idiot Box

idiot Box - Keep local live events Alive in the community!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

idiot Box is a name sometimes given to TV where we spend too much time.

That band that makes your heart pump faster or that song that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Do you share my view that Music is one of the most important things in life, which can conjure up the full spectrum of human emotions from the depths of despair to a euphoric surge of energy that can be wrapped up in 3 mins.

Idiot Box is for all those small time promoters, venues or even individuals who try to keep live music alive around the country, working on a small budget and hoping that the event at least breaks even. I am hoping to get funding to start a web site called idiot Box to support the local music scene around the UK, enabling the organiser to know that the costs are covered before the event takes place. I intend to start a type of crowd funding site for local events around the UK, where the organiser would promote their event on their own page at no cost on the site long before it’s due to take place. People in the area would then pay on the site to have the event take place; this would also be there admission fee with an email being generated to the individual for entry. When enough people fund the event on the site and it reaches its target, the organiser would then get the funds paid to them and will have the security of knowing that they will cover the costs before the event. If there is not enough funding through the site to reach the target, then the funding goes back to each person’s account. The organiser can then make a decision on whether to carry on with the event and promote it in the usual way and sell tickets, or cancel the event because of lack of interest knowing that they will not lose any money at his point.

The intention is to promote the benefits of Idiot Box around the Uk, for Example the risk of losing money on putting on a band in a small venue is often possible can be avoided. The individual would promote the gig on idiot Box, writing bit about them with a song or video on the page, as well as using social media to advertise the page they have created. Without the risk of losing financially it would help the local music scene and help up and coming bands get gigs that were otherwise not as accessible,  with promoters / venues  not confident enough to take a chance on them.

The web site idiot Box would take a small percentage of the total funds raised, this would be in  line with other Crowdfunding sites of around 5%. There would also be a % taken for the transfer of funds, this would come from organisations such as Pay Pal. The funding would be mainly used for the 2 main parts of the project, the web site (Crowdfunding Site) and promotion of the site. Initially there would be very little income to keep the site going from the small percentages being taken, this would change considerably if used throughout the country with the amount of small local events in venues, pubs, and community halls every week.