Ideal Factory: The Production Revolution

We’re breaking down the traditional barriers to product design for passionate creatives, in the pursuit of making high quality art products.

We did it!

On 28th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £2,070 with 30 supporters in 14 days

Out with mass production, in with originality

We’re gearing up for a total production revolution. One that throws mass production and fast fashion to the curb to make room for a true celebration of quality and creativity.

Ideal Factory was created to liberate creativity and empower artists and designers. How? By breaking down all the barriers, costs and headaches of traditional product design and creation. 

Ideal Factory is an all-in-one design platform, manufacturing hub and marketplace; a one-stop-shop where talented creatives can design, share and sell unique, quality, complex product showcasing their art. 

How it works

Ideal Factory’s potential lies in its powerful 3D editor. 

We’ve worked with some incredible suppliers to manufacture a range of base products, ready to be fully customised. We’re talking armchairs and premium sofas, tailored jackets and swimwear, handbags and shoes - because your creativity shouldn’t be limited to what you can print on a tote bag, mug or cheap t-shirt.

Each base product has been turned into a 3D model in the Ideal Factory Editor, where artists can upload their own prints and patterns and modify them to fit the product’s dimensions - right down to the zips and buttons. 

Once an artist’s model is ready, it’s uploaded to the Ideal Factory Marketplace. Each artist gets their own webstore where their products are showcased to the public as an interactive 3D model. As a buyer, what you see is what you get.  

No manufacturing issues. No accounting headaches. No experience or ‘down payment’ necessary. Zero costs - just great products and a community that celebrates creativity.

Created for art lovers

There’s been a shift in the way we buy. Real art lovers are taking a stand against fast fashion. They want to put a sense of originality back into style.

Ideal Factory was created for those art lovers. We want to be a platform where you can express your individuality and get to know the artists and makers behind the products you buy. 

The backstory

Hi, I’m Adam. I’ve worked in the design industry for many years, and the exposure I’ve had to the processes involved in product creation has inspired me to create Ideal Factory since the early stages of my career.

I once worked as Head Designer for a leading fashion and footwear company where I got to experience the full roadmap of mass production. At around the same time, I had the chance to create individual, custom airbrushed trainers that were sold to major retailers around the world.

Mass production on one side, unique customisation on the other. I saw the benefits and limitations of both… but what really surprised me was the total lack of options that sat between the two production methods. 

I created Ideal Factory to find that middle ground: a combination of the cogs of mass production and the individuality and reward of bespoke products. A way for creatives to have full control over not only their designs but their production runs. A platform where someone can run a limited-edition range of chairs, but where someone else could sell hundreds or thousands of notebooks or handbags. 

This dream is nearly a reality - but we need your help to get there.

Why we need YOU to join the production revolution

We’ve spent the last few years getting the Ideal Factory platform ready - building the Ideal Factory Editor and ironing out all the little details - and we’re just about ready for our initial launch. 

Right now, we’re busy testing the design, print and manufacturing processes - all with the help of some talented creatives (our founding creators) specialising in a broad range of design styles, from street art to watercolours. 

The funds raised in this Crowdfunder will help us perfect the platform in time for our anticipated pre-launch this June. To show our thanks for your support, we’ve come up with some exciting, exclusive rewards, only available to supporters of our initial Crowdfunder campaign. 

Our rewards

Early Access Vouchers:

Supporters who pledge £35 to £100 will receive a gift voucher to spend in the Ideal Factory marketplace before it opens to the general public. 

Your early access voucher can be used towards products in the Limited Edition Ideal Factory Founders Range, which will be totally exclusive to Crowdfunder supporters. These limited edition products will be sent to you with a special note from one of Ideal Factory’s founding creators.

Co-design pro ducts:

Supporters who pledge £250, £500 or £750 will have the special chance to work with Ideal Factory’s founding creators to co-design a one-of-a-kind product. 

This unique opportunity allows you to blend your personal style with the quality art of a celebrated creative to design a totally one-off product. 

Please note that these rewards are limited in number to allow for the best co-design experience possible (so get them while you can).


When will Ideal Factory launch?

We expect Ideal Factory to pre-launch in June 2018. This is when the marketplace will be open to initial supporters (like you) and when you can plan to use your early access vouchers.

When and where will the launch party take place?

Exact dates and locations are to be confirmed; however, we plan to hold separate launch events in London and the Midlands in September 2018. Your VIP invite can be used to attend either event.

What will the products look like?

Below are some mockups of the products you can expect to find in the Ideal Factory marketplace. Please note the designs on these products are placeholders only and are not an exact representation of the designs that will be available in the Limited Edition Ideal Factory Founders Range. We are currently in the process of putting together our team of founding creators, who will apply their own unique designs to our base products. 

What does my early access voucher include?

Your early access voucher will allow you to purchase a range of products from our Limited Edition Ideal Factory Founders Range. The products available differ depending on the value of your voucher. Please note that you may have to pay additional shipping costs.

How will the co-design process work?

The co-design process will be entirely digital, allowing our founding creators to work with art lovers all around the world. Once our team of founding creators is established, we’ll be in touch by e-mail to arrange video call sessions where you can meet your co-designer and start creating!

Keep in touch

Stay involved and watch the production revolution unfold on our website and social channels. 




Are you interested in becoming one of our founding creators? We’d love to hear from you and show you a demo. Let us know you’re interested by emailing

For media inquiries, please contact Adam Duffy at

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