We are an award winning RAMEN shop that first opened in Japan, We need your help to help us opening our first UK shop in London!!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are chefs from Ichiran ramen. Ichiran Ramen is a ramen shop dedicated to supporting and employing young people and provide professional training for them to sustain themselve. It is a roaming restaurant that serves awarding winning Ramen across Japan and South East Asia and we are crowdfunding to support a new ramen restaurant in the heart of London. 

We aim to offer authentic RAMEN dining experience that you don't often found OUTSIDE Japan. 


Who we are & what we do 

We cook the kind of food we love to eat: RAMEN, full of flavour, and rooted in rich cultural traditions. We will source our produce from farms around London, and pride ourselves on using local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients – not because it’s fashionable, but because it’s how we sustain our business in Japan.

Like Ippudo Ramen, a ramen shop that is already established in London, Ichiran started in Fukuoka, the birthplace of Hakata-style tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen that is the staple of both restaurants. Our clientele was very exclusive earlier in its history – you had to have a membership in order to enjoy their ramen. But its doors have since opened to the paying masses.

What makes our new shop really unusual will be its interior layout — our restaurant will be designed to block out distractions, so that customers will concentrate solely on appreciating the ramen. There’s only counter seating and each seat is compartmentalized with dividers on each side. It looks and feels like the library study cubicles I sometimes used back in college (one of my friends mentioned flashbacks to taking the SATs). On top of that, each seat is set up with a set of cloth and bamboo curtains in front so that you barely see the wait staff behind the counter. As you would experience in Japan, traditionally, you were supposed to be able to order without seeing or talking to anyone.

Unique and authentic dining experience!

This is a very exciting project for a number of reasonsOur new RAMEN restaurant will provide 156 hours of paid employment weekly to at least 5 new staffs and a further 10 hours of weekly FREE RAMEN cooking courses to young people under the age of 25. Unlike other social enterprise restaurants, the purpose of our training programme is not to train young people in cooking –but to provide them with a lifetime of experience and skills to sustain themselves. – also to formalise and develop their skills, so that they are able to confidently translate their knowledge to professional catering settings. Our goal is to support all of our young chefs to find permanent employment, or to embark on the journey of setting up their own food businesses.