Ice Scream for Ice Cream

Ice Scream for Ice Cream

I'm trying to raise as much money to purchase an ice-cream bike with a freezer attached for my start-up vegan ice cream business.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 12:57pm 4th March 2018

I have always had an entrepreneurial brain and wanted to put it to good use but over the years I've struggled to come up with a solid business plan.

I spent some months over the summer working for a friend on the Norfolk Coast selling ice-creams and donuts.  As a vegan myself, I figured that not only I couldn't eat any of the produce whilst working but we were losing out on an income from those vegan/dairy free customers too; this is where my idea came from. 

In the past I have made a lot of vegan cakes, pastries, and ice cream for my partner and myself but never thought to bring it into a business. So my plan is to ideally start with vegan ice cream and progress onto baking and all things plant based.

However from 3 years at university and a very small minimum wage, I have low funds to kick off with the machinery I need for my ice cream. I have done some research and to start-up I require an ice-cream freezer bike which, second hand are around 3.5k. If I could achieve anything marginally close to that figure I would be amazed!  I would of course love a van but i'm starting off small and steady.

Anyone who donates will receive my very own homemade vegan ice cream for free at my stall!