Ice cream dreams

Ice cream dreams

At I cycle Ices we want to start making our own ice cream, delivering it and selling it!

We did it!

On 10th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £30 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

At I cycle Ices we want to start making our own ice cream, delivering it and selling it!

About the project

HELLO EVERYONE. Paul and I cycle Ices/Chai Cycle here... Right cut to the chase, this crowdfunding page is to try to raise money to get I CYCLE ICES its much needed independence.. Hoping to raise £1000 as soon as possible to buy ice cream making equipment so we can start making delicious ice cream ourselves rather than depending on anyone elses supplies and also so we can dream up some ever changing ice cream recipes! As you may already know, CHAI CYCLE was born OCTOBER 2014 and in many ways has been huge success. Now, after 3 years of selling MARSHFIELD Ice cream on the streets and parks of bristol by bike - its more than time to start making our own... we need your help to buy some basic ingredients to start us off and also to get TWO auto gelato/ice cream makers!

I would like to provide Bristol with fresh HIGH QUALITY ice cream at an affordable price with constantly creating new and crazy flavours...

I want to do this via the ice cream trike which will be a sustainable model of selling and delivering delicious ice cream to wherever it is needed! For me, this is revolution and not just taking back the power, but BEING the power is central to this

CAN YOU HELP REALISE THIS DREAM AND HELP US CREATE SOMETHING TOTALLY AMAZING? IT'LL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN and will forever be engraved in bristol and I cycle ices history! Also, if you help support the project there are some great rewards to!! check it out :)

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