Ibiza Nails
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am rasing money to kick start my business and provide a percentage of profit to an investor.

by rhys wilkinson in Gedling, England, United Kingdom

My idea is to create a Nail shop in the town of San Antonio, Ibiza.

This idea has come from finding a gap in the market after holidaying in the area many of times with my partner.

Plenty of times we have been caught short whilst on holiday in Ibiza as my partner would like her Nails done before going to a party or the night out however we have found a lack of Nail shops like in the UK which operate in an 'in and out' fashion.

Most nail shops in the area are boutique and only open till 7pm including a siesta throughout the day with the average acrylic set cost around 100 Euros.

 My plan is to create an environment with 10 or more Nail stations. The shop will operate on a 8am til 8pm basis. I will allow Nail technicians to rent stations on a weekly rate. In turn i will advertise and promote the shop via social media and local advertisement.

The funding which I wish to raise will provide a lease for a premise and also create the environment for the business. I have estimated revenue around £6000 per month from renting technician stations alone.

My USP which will differ from any other beauty Salon in the resort is simple; we will operate much like our UK high street Nail shops and offer reasonable prices. Our business hour will be 8am til 8pm with no siesta. 

Ibiza receives around 100,000 tourists from the UK every season (may til oct). More than 50% of these people visit San antonio as this is a popular British tourist destination. Currently there is nowhere in the resort for females to get their nails quickly, reasonably priced and whenever they want therefore I wish to capitalise on this market.

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