iBAN - Joining people for a fairer trade

iBAN is the first global FinTech with a Guarantee Fund. Lending with us allows you to support social projects with financial security.

We did it!

On 27th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £5,227 of £5,000 target with 74 supporters in 28 days

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Financial Technology, or FinTech,  is surging as an alternative to traditional banking, and aims to support a more diverse, inclusive and sustainable economy. By funding iBAN you have the opportunity to support the change for a better financial world, and at the same time help people around you while increasing your investment. 

Our dedicated team are selecting up-and-coming, green and social candidates to whom we shall provide fair access to credit. Place your savings with us to help us achieve this - and in return receive some cutting edge interest rates on your capital.

Professional Profile

My fellow co-founder and friend Daniel is known for his extensive experience in the financial world. After 10 years of experience in the banking sector, university professor, writer, and bank critic, he decided to dedicate himself to the iBAN project and create a new model, more just and sustainable.

Daniel is a published author on financial topics [“How to invest your own money?” Punto Rojo Libros (July 7, 2014)]:

I am Marc and I co-founded iBAN with Daniel. After finishing a Master's Degree in Engineering Mathematics I moved to a global consultancy firm, through which I was then contracted by a major global and retail bank in the development of projects for world-class banking. Throughout my life I’ve fulfilled positions requiring leadership and a strong sense of social responsibility, which has culminated in the creation of iBAN.

Who Are We Helping?

Or to phrase it more accurately - who will you be helping? Your deposits with us enable us to fund the best projects from anywhere around the globe.

We listen to a wide range of project offers, but will not offer to all. Our first priority is to ensure that the money that is being deposited with us is going to safe hands. Once we are sure of this, we consider the values of the candidate. We will not credit any company or individual supporting arms, drugs, warzone contributions or antisocial behavior.

Help others, help yourself!

With each investment, you help make great social and financial impact worldwide, along with a much better financial return on your money than what you would get from traditional banking.

It helps society: diversity, inclusion, innovation and collaboration are all important parts of what crowdlending represents.  We are creating a new alternative that adjusts to a new market, and helping shape a better world in the process.

What are we doing with Pledges?

Through this Crowdfunding page we are pitching our startup to the internet.  The idea is that, if you like our project, you help us lift it off the ground with a "Pledge". This is like a donation, in return for which we give you a "Reward" to thank you for your help. The Pledge options can be seen at the top right of this page.

Your Pledges are very important to us. The total of the campaign earnings will be split for the good maintenance of the company and to ensure the continuity of our main goal: Joining People For a Fairer Trade. 

Our Crowdfunder Rewards:

On the right, in the upper part of the screen is a column of "Pledge" options. It is through these buttons than you can show your support for us, through whichever option you prefer. 

The campaign ends on the 27th of June. At this point your pledge is then transferred to us, if and only if the target is reached. 

On this same day all the rewards will be released and the coupons can be cashed in.

Note that interest coupons cannot stack with the same coupon type, and in total cannot stack higher than 3.5%.

Rewards Options:

  • Besides from a personal message and video thanking you on behalf of the whole iBAN Team, depending on your pledge size you'll  automatically get back a 1%, 2% or 3% extra on your first income on our current account. Below are the products which your bonuses apply to. More information available here.

  • We are also giving away cherished places on our Wall of Angels. A dedicated area on our website will list the names of those who have supported to us, from the smallest pledges all the way up to our Business Angels, available to see for time to come. 

Learn more about iBAN by accessing our webpage in progress.

Facebook: Facebook/iBAN_UKTwitter: Twitter/iBAN_UK

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