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The AffirmNATION Project - affirming a NATION of females. This project aims to remind females everywhere of who they are.

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Hey Lovely people,

My name is Hayley Thomas and I am the Founder of IamSHE. I birthed this vision in April of last year. I got the vision from an event I held in 2015, called Pillow Talk. I invited 25 young females to stay for an overnight, workshop-type event in a lovely mansion, where we talked about so many issues that young women go through and we did it in our PJ's! Great conversations were had and amazing connections were made. Since then, The vision has been expanded. And out of it came iamSHE.  IamSHE is a women's empowerment movement designed to connect women from all walks of life so that we can uplift and empower one another and create a powerful force of positivity, encouragement, and love amongst our gender. The ethos of this organisation is ‘Connect, Relate.Learn.LOVE’- and that is all we aim to do.

Have a look at our promo video! - https://youtu.be/tz3L-peNcKY

We have achieved quite a lot for a small company. We've managed to create two amazing promo videos- one for the brand itself, and the other, for our newest project we released in early September, called the AffirmNATION Project. This project is so dear to me as it is in my nature to make people feel great about themselves and to help them to realise their full potential.

We have since done a photoshoot that we have used for promotion of the project, which was captured beautifully! I must say I have some amazing people around me who were ready to help!

The merchandise from this project is our ‘Affirmation t-shirts’. These t-shirts are unique because of their mirror-reversed affirmations on the front, intended for the wearer to see their affirmation in their reflection, thus, developing a belief system in the power they hold and begin a journey of Loving who they are and what they see in the mirror.

I am so surprised by the amount of support I have had with this project so far, and I want to do so much more, but money is limited in a small business as I have been financing the production of the merchandise myself. I would like to reach so many more people with these gems of hope, but I need your help.  I need to raise at least £500 for the initial production of enough t-shirts to start out with. I want to donate to prisons and women's shelters etc. I just need your help! 

I have an amazing community of people around me and you guys have got me this far. I'm humbly asking that you help me in this quest to Affirm a nation of females! From schools to colleges, from brothels to prisons – every female needs to understand and believe that they are valued. Please help me tell them. Thank you all in advance for your contributions. 



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The first THREE donations larger than £25 will receive an exclusive AffirmNATION jumper, worth £35! Lucky winners will get to have the new line of sweatshirts before they are launced!

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