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by The IAMPOSSIBLE Foundation in United Kingdom

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To Support Individuals with limb differences and challenge the narrative around ability within society.

by The IAMPOSSIBLE Foundation in United Kingdom


Limb differences either occur congenitally (collectively known as Dysmelia) or can be acquired due to accident or illness. Limb differences result in an individual having a limb that may appear or function differently to an ‘A-Typical’ limb.

Termination rates for Dysmelia when diagnosed in the womb span between 20-50%. This is attributed to the fact that only 27% of parents that receive this diagnosis are provided with support information that would assist them in understanding fully what Dysmelia may mean for their child. 

1603384177_copy_of_untitled_(2).pngOur goal is to ensure that this information and support is available to all at the point of diagnosis and throughout a families or individuals journey of limb difference whether it be congenital or acquired. The message we want to share is that ability is not defined by physical anatomy. There are many ways to overcome the apparent barriers presented by a limb difference.

Our Vision 

A world where ability is not defined by an individual's form or physical appearance.   

Our Mission 

We believe that through increasing visibility, creating a community, information/resource sharing and events we will equip and empower individuals with limb differences to challenge perceptions of ability and overcome obstacles.

Our Community 

The IAMPOSSIBLE Foundation community is growing worldwide. We have a following that is going from strength to strength and a team of ambassadors that provide invaluable support to the community and an important insight into life with a limb difference. We have a growing number of committees waiting to get started on some of the most important facets of our mission; Parental support, Education, Adaptive fitness, Events and Prosthetics. This is where the Kickstarter comes in. 

Our Founder 

1603384471_photo-2019-05-13-18.54.51.jpgOur Founder, Nicole Brennan, was born without the lower part of her right arm due to a condition called amniotic band syndrome. This was not diagnosed through her mothers pregnancy and her condition was a shock to her parents and family. Unfortunately the information they received was limited and they had little support. The early part of her life was spent with her parents persisting with NHS prosthetics which she was determined not to use. During her childhood she visited a few events with other children with limb differences which made a large impact on her but these were sporadic so left her still feeling like the only one in the world like her.

1603384558_chichester_observer_picture.jpg"In my teen years I had no input or role models in regards to her limb difference and I feel my road to self acceptance would have been significantly faster if I had done. That said I have always defied anyone to present me with a task that I cannot do (even if I have to squirrel away behind the scenes to adapt my approach to the task) I will do it!"

"I have always wanted to create something that would provide support to others growing up with a limb difference or trying to overcome a particular task/activity and this is my attempt at that"

The IAMPOSSIBLE Kickstarter

This Kickstarter would enable the foundation to do some of its most important work. Below we have illustrated how we plan to utilise the funds raised; 


Thank you 

From everyone at The IAMPOSSIBLE Foundation for taking the time to read about our Kickstarter. We would be so grateful if you would donate, share and discuss limb differences and ability with those around you. 

Together our vision is possible. 



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The Witches - Anti-streaming Donation

The release of the new WarnerBros' depiction of 'The Witches' presents Limb differences in a negative and harmful light. Instead of funding this narrative donate the streaming costs to the IAP foundation to support the individuals and families impacted.

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