The I Am Nincompoop Masterplan

Make the world a bolder braver funnier place, with our hilarious debut show and exciting artist development and outreach program

We did it!

On 11th May 2017 we successfully raised £7,000 of £6,000 target with 71 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Every penny over out target will go directly towards realising our goal of taking the I Am Nincompoop Cabaret and workshops to rural areas, disadvantaged communities and places where there is limited access to theatre

About I Am Nincompoop Based in Bristol UK, we create bold brave comedy theatre, cooked up with a handful of hilarity, a splash of anarchy and a dollop of love.  We are a community of clowns, fools, poets, story tellers, idiots, musicians and mischief makers; bound together by our belief that comedy is much more than just a laughing matter.

Goal Number One is to finish creating our first comedy theatre show in preparation for a summer tour. We are so close to being ready to go, all that remains is to secure the financial backing we need to get this show on the road. £3000 will enable us to get back in the rehearsal room to lick the show in to shape, create posters and flyers, costume and set and of course petrol to get us to a town near you.

Wake Up & Deirdrealize is a ridiculous, outlandish, improvised, character romp. Deirdre Me is on a mission to teach the world how to stop losing, forever. This is the story of one woman’s desperate quest to win at life. An audacious combination of story-telling and game show, with a dark twist. Everyone is about to ‘Wake Up & Deirdrealize’, not least of all Deirdre herself.

The show went down a storm with audiences at the work in progress stage.

"More Deirdre Everywhere - Ridiculously Funny."

"A wild ride of extreme confidence and impressive expressions"

Taking a show on tour will be a dream come true, but it will also serve to raise the profile of the company, putting us on the map as we prepare to launch two exciting new projects.

For the past two and a half years I Am Nincompoop has hosted popular monthly new material nights in Bristol and Exeter, creating valuable opportunities for comedy performers at all stages of their careers, to develop and grow in a safe and playful environment, whilst providing audiences the opportunity to enjoy a hilarious night out, guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a glow in your heart.

Goal Number Two is to further nourish and support artists growth with the pilot of our artist development scheme. Through an open application process, 3 performers will be selected to receive professional and creative guidance to develop their work in preparation for a special I Am Nincompoop cabaret show. £1500 is all we need to make this possible.

Goal Number Three is to reach for the big dream. That dream would be to hold the artist development program twice a year. As well as supporting performers to take their work to the next level, they will be invited to join the I Am Nincompoop Cabaret Tour to rural areas, disadvantaged communities and places where there is limited access to theatre. Alongside the cabaret, we will lead fun filled workshops inviting participants to playfully explore their own creative inklings. Participants from the workshops will be invited to peform as special guests in the cabarets, opening the doors of possibility and spreading the spirit of Nincompoop. To achieve this it is essential that we put in place organisational structures to support this work, we might need to bring on board a producer, a marketer or an administrator. An extra £1500 will enable us to take the first steps to make this dream a reality.

At the heart of I Am Nincompoop is the belief that we are all in this together, that none of us can win unless we all win, that life is a risk worth taking, that failure is the best route to success, that laughter is one of the most powerful tools we have. We believe that the theatre belongs to us all and where possible we adopt a ‘pay what you decide’ policy. We do this in a bid to make theatre more accessible to more people. We do this because we believe that people are generous and are happy to contribute to something that they value.

The Face Behind the Nincompoop. My name is Lucy and I created I Am Nincompoop. As a girl, I dreamed of a life on the stage but as a young woman I didn’t even consider that this dream could come true. After a decade supporting people struggling on the fringes of society, people with drug addictions, housing problems and mental health issues, I was burnt out, disillusioned and at a loss to see what I could really do to help. After a few years wandering and wondering I serendipitously opened a door to a parallel universe and found my way back to the stage (where I hadn’t been since my starring role as Miss Hannigan in the school production of Annie - even at age 15 I played a mean drunk). I was nervous as hell, but I loved performing and was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

Following your dream at any age is hard, but the older you get the more society shouts that you are an idiot to even have a dream. It has been a challenging journey, but after more than a decade, I feel like all the parts of the jigsaw are starting to fit together and I really like the picture that I see.

Through I Am Nincompoop I have found my way to contribute to making the world a lighter, brighter, more connected place. We all feel better for a bit of Nincompoop spirit and I believe that I have the skills, experience, passion and drive to bring this joy to many more people.

I am hoping that you believe in the I Am Nincompoop dream as much as I do! If you do, please dig as deep as your pockets will allow, share this far and wide and help to bring our very special style of Nincompoop joy to people everywhere!

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