I wish to sue face book for false statements post

by John in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

I wish to sue face book for false statements post


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Hi i was subject to serious posts on face book which has made me fear for my life and also cost me my job.

by John in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Hi i am looking to sue face book for false statements made about me which where i was tagged in and also made public the same person also tried to get me blackmailed as a result i have lost my job and had to move home also i would like to make a claim to my previous employer who i believe bullied me from my job making e leave at a tie i was unable to make a clear judgment due to the fact i believed mine and my families life's where under threat and therefore absolved themselves of duty of care towards me and my family as i lived in their premises.

This has left me feeling fear for my life and apart for going to the local shop i don't go out of the house to any where there is a crowd or any where that i might walk into people who know me  

I f you can help i am happy to email you an info that you need.

I am sick of being bullied by people who have money and can walk over me.

Thank you for any help.


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