Relocate my grandchildren and their mum to safety

by Anguished grandma in Kenya

Relocate my grandchildren and their mum to safety


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Relocate at risk children to a place of safety away from fear of physical and mental abuse

by Anguished grandma in Kenya

The money we raise will help relocate my daughter and her two children to a place of safety. My daughter is in a cycle of abuse in addition to the risks posed to her children so it is imperative to move the family as soon as possible. I myself had to leave Kenya at age 36 due to my having an abusive husband. The police do not act in favour of women, On one occasion when I had been beaten I went to the police station and was told to go home and be a good wife. This is the problem in Kenya, in fact my daughter was imprisoned only yesterday because her husband waned to make an example of her. This problem will not go away and the only thing I can think of to help her and her young family is to move them far away from the danger. Please help these poor children and their mother to find a safe place to live in peace so the daughters can restart school, which they love, and for their mum to start work to support her family.

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