I want to make feminist video games

by Beth Raistrick in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

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I'm trying to raise money for a second degree with the intention of creating positive representations of women in video games.

by Beth Raistrick in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Hello! Basically I'm trying really hard to gather the money to do a degree in video game design, having already used my student finance for a degree in classical civilisations... which I hate... and is useless to me. 

I came to this conclusion when I did a 'discovery module' within my current degree on video games and their place in politics and society. It became prominent to me that there is still major issues with positive representations of women in video games. My lecturer presented us with statistics of the minor growth of women working in video games, and how this was most lacking in the place where it matters most, the actual creating and design of the games!

I've realised thats what I want to do. I want to make video games which represent women and other oppressed denominations accurately and equally. I want to be at the centre of making that change, rather than being bored of hearing myself complain about the current issues. 

I've exhausted a lot of options to attempt to save up for this. I worked three part time jobs along side my full time degree, even tried taking part in a clinical trial but during the screening to see if I was healthy enough to take part, it came up that I have a heart issue. 

So... I reluctantly came to the conclusion there was no harm in trying to crowdfund some money to help me pursue this. I have been raised to work hard for everything I have, and that's exactly what I've done all my life, so asking others for money is very uncomfortable. But, realistically, this is the only way I'll be able to do this. 

Anything anyone can offer is very much appreciated!

Thank you!!

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