I Think I Know You

When a football commentator acquires face blindness following a car crash it's more than just his job he must fight to hold on to.

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Clive is one of the nation's favourite Radio Football Commentators. Fiercely witty, fantastically observant and always a charmer. But all of this is about to change following a car crash which leaves him with prosopagnosiaaka, face blindness.

Suddenly, unable to recognise the players on the pitch he must adapt fast to not only stay at the top of his game, but to stay in the game at all.

As always, Jackie is by his side to support the person she loves through this transition. What is not initially apparent are the repercussions it will have on their marriage, when one half can no longer recognise the other.

How do they solve new daily problems? What unexpected obstacles will emerge?  'I Think I Know You' shall explore all this and more with a light-hearted tone to bring awareness of this condition to a wider audience.

Every day we take it for granted that we are able to recognise faces: faces of friends, colleagues and the people we love. This is not the case for someone with prosopagnosia. Prosopagnosia, or 'face blindness', doesn't affect one's ability to see faces rather the ability to distinguish between faces

Despite being wildly unheard of yet, studies state that 1 in 50 people have this condition to varying degrees, so the chances are someone you know has it!

Hear what it's like from people with face blindness for yourself:

In order to function in our society with prosopagnosia, one must focus on other, distinct characteristics of the people they know, instead of their faces as a whole. As you can imagine, this isn't a fool proof method.

We found people with face blindness cite their biggest challenge is to convince their loved ones that they still care about them, despite their inability to recognise them.

These aspects fascinated us, and sparked an interest to explore the life of a person with the condition further.

Character, Composition and Mood Board

How we want to present the condition?

Our goal is to represent face blindness in a positive light, celebrating the ability of individuals to compensate. Placing our protagonist in challenging situations (for someone with face blindness) allows us to simulate the experience of the condition for the audience using various cinematic techniques. 

By using comedy and a light tone, we will follow Clive on his journey to solve these challenges as they reveal themselves. However, to ensure our depictions are truthful and authentic we will not shy away from the more complicated and personal issues it can generate within a relationship.

CLICK HERE to take a Face Blindness Test or to find out more visit Face Blind UK.

Meet the team passionate about bringing this story to the big screen.

Check out the Behind the Scenes of Jay's previous film (currently in post-production):

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