I-PRINT3DSPARES.COM 3D printed car parts

by Irma Gilbert in Preston, England, United Kingdom

I-PRINT3DSPARES.COM  3D printed car parts
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We are building a whole new supply chain , one where the spare parts are stored and sent digitally, 3D printed locally on demand.

by Irma Gilbert in Preston, England, United Kingdom

For many products online marketplaces are already available. iTunes, Amazon, eBay  and many local online stores already service as platform for wider array of goods than they originally supported. iTunes is more than music, Amazon is more than books,eBay is more than trading second hand goods. 3D printing is an Industrial revolution and will have a dramatic  positive impact on environment and on local employment . Local for local production is now possible for a wide array of parts and products at competitive price.

Imagine if you could  make your own car part! . You or a local 3D printing service provider will just download the certified design of a broken rear headlight or a gear box part and 3D print a fully guaranteed part locally . I-print3dspares system eliminate the needs of experience in CAD design , creation of  STL file or understanding of G.code.

That is what we do !

3D Printed spare parts in practice

Automotive spare parts redesigned for 3D printing by E4-3D Engineering  at 3D Factory incubator Barcelona , for you to purchase the digital design files  right to print at www.i-print3dspares .com , if you have a FDM process machine you can print it your self  or you can send it to a 3D printing service provider near to you.

Many industries rely on physical inventory to meet aftermarket needs and have expensive and massive warehouses. Automotive parts are produced in great quantities that take up spaces for years, with some going unused but must stay just in case. The Automotive 3D printing market is growing fast. 

The problem for the integration of additive manufacturing into the spare parts supply chain is the lack of easy access to the 3D design files  for 3D printable parts that is  tested and certified  to be print  any time anywhere.

E4-3D developed a new business model for using 3D printing based on the simple idea: How can we make the digital design files available to be produced on demand and when it is required by customers?

We are building :

The first e-commerce platform for 3D printed car spare parts! a cloud-based system https://www.i-print3dspares.com that sells and distributes digital design files under-licence instead of physical parts.  A Factory-in-a Box production additive manufacturing system for spare parts that removes  the need for  vehicles dealerships and service centre’s to order parts from off-site.

The system securely stores the design parts, and licenses them to the end-user who will download the design for the part and manufacture it on-site using E4-3D container- based systems.

We are building a whole new  supply chain, one where the spare parts are stored and sent digitally, 3D printed close to the end user on demand. The end user access the spare part selection of many different OEMs trough one 3D database operator the i-print3dspares.com

In our business model the Original Equipment  Manufacturers become IP Licensors instead of manufacturers, they are increasing revenue and profits by selling a digital design files and saving costs with storage of physical warehouses, tools , logistics and service level improvement.

We are looking for investors who want to support the scale of profitable, localized manufacturing around the world.

E4-3D is getting ready to take its next big leap forward and we are looking for partners who share our passions. If you think you have the resources that can help us scale, please reach out.

Here you can download our brochure and learn more about our business model E-commerce i-print3dspares brochure  

About me

I am Irma Gilbert , I have over 30 years of experience on manufacturing industry. Since . I started research Direct Digital Manufacturing in 2009. In April 2019 I founded the  E4-3D Engineering of additive manufacturing Ltd. Since then I created a prototype of i-print3dspares.com e-commerce 3D printed for car parts. To take the project to fully functional I am looking to raise money to pay for a software engineer to build it.

Local Entrepreneurship

How does our business model impact the local economy? By producing the digital design files of 3d printable spare parts and made then available on e-commerce platform to be produced on demand locally we are fostering entrepreneurship and tackling poverty by empowering people with easy to use 3D printing technology.

If you love this idea, please support us , so we can hire a software developer to build our e-commerce marketplace for 3D printed spare parts.

In return for your support you will receive a customized accessory for your beloved car  from our reward list

What people say about the project on social media

Testimony:@TimPatAlPostma Cool a #3DPrinting site for #spareParts of#autoparts which is nice to have  dedicated part rather then the risk potentially inexperienced designers, in term only of where #safety is more of a element, but no worries like that on low risk parts.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Cup-holder 3D printed for your car

If you support us with £20, you will receive a bespoke 3D printed cup holder, bespoke designed for your car , you also can choose the color you want and print your name on it.

£10 or more

Custom designed paper holder to fit your car

Bespoke designed to fit your car a stylish paper holder, you can choose your favorite color .

£35 or more

3D printed gear shift

Bespoke designed gear shift for your car , just give your car brand make and year and we will delivery a personalized product .

£150 or more

Bespoke designed cooler drink for your car

Imagine on a hot day you can drink a nice cold drink , while you drive . With this reward you can have a bespoke designed cooler drink cup to fit in your car .

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