ONlLY WHEN I LAUGH what do you think

by Marcus James in Nibthwaite, England, United Kingdom

ONlLY WHEN I LAUGH what do you think


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I need to write a book and get it published , best seller , can you help It's called " only when I laugh"

by Marcus James in Nibthwaite, England, United Kingdom

Born in 1972 my mum did all she could to raise me and my brother , my dad wasn't much cop but he would come and collect my brother and take us to the local cafe , he convinced my mum to allow him to take us to Wales for the weekend , he returned my brother telling my mum he wasn't his and that he was keeping me , fast forward 3 weeks and  he turned up to say that I had been killed , remember 1976 , no internet etc , my dad told her when the funeral was etc , (very sick) now my dad wasn't the most honest as you can tell , he was wanted for the robbery at a bank , I was found on my own in a flat , (god knows for how long) by then my mum had gone crazy , social services convinced her to let foster families take care of us , social services played a horrible trick and my mum had actually signed us over for adoption , my brother and me were split , 

Fast forward 30 years and I found a post from my uncle , wanting to find me and my brother , he was lovely , he put me iTouch with my mum 

I flew 4000 miles , with my wife and children to Florida , spent 7 great weeks 

My mum then packed in her life and moved to England to be with us , we took out loans built a house.

Met new family etc

My mum passed away just 6 months later , 

I lost everything , I decided to take care of her , 

Lots of great story's about people we met along the way 

We were encouraged by family to pull out all the stops , but after the funeral every bit of new family disappeared into thin air 

Me and my brother became very close but even he disappeared after I asked for a contribution to the 7K funeral

A fresh start , we sold our house and moved to the countryside , we sold our small semi on the edge of Bedford , and rented  a 5 bed house, bought a couple of nice cars , etc

We didn't realise what we were doing , but we were kidnapped , my wife was 7 months pregnant , we were asked to hand over every thing we had , 

I was taken and beaten up and shot at , hit with hammers , my son aged 9 was forced to watch as I was almost killed ,I agreed to hand over cash , watches , etc etc , the gang then focused on my wife who along with me suffered life threatening injuries, the gang was huge ,

Police took us into witness protection which is where we are to day , 

I would like to write a book , I think I should , a book of sadness -joy-lies-religion 

Please help me by affording me the time to put everything on paper ,

I have a potential publisher , 

Let's make 'ONlLY WHEN I LAUGH what do you think' happen