I need to get enough money do my HGV medical

by Tamer Elsherif in Hove, East Sussex, England

I need to get enough money do my HGV medical

I need to raise just enough money to do my HGV medical in order to renew my license and get back to work.

by Tamer Elsherif in Hove, East Sussex, England

We did it
On 30th January 2018 we successfully raised £180 with 3 supporters in 11 days

It's very hard for me to write this but I am at a dead end now and see no way of moving forward without asking for help from my friends and family and hope that you will help me to raise the necessary funds to get my life back on track.

Ever since last September when my dad out of the blue and without prior warning decided to throw me out and throw my stuff out on the street whilst I was away at a friend's and I forgot to mention changing the locks too to make it absolutely clear that I am not welcome anymore. This I believe is all due to poor health and his diabetes condition worsening that I believe is affecting him mentally. 

 I have been sofa surfing with friends that were kind enough to take me in. Plus I tried to move to the USA with my brother but unfortunately that didn't work out due to visa constraints.

I'm back to the UK since December and still sofa surfing. Whilst I was away in America my HGV license lapsed due to not completing my medical. It's for that reason that I have been finding it hard to gain employment and get back on my feet again. I have enquired around and found out that my license can be renewed once I complete my medical.

It is for that reason that I have decided to see if I can raise the funds to complete the medical and getting my life back on track slowly but surely, and ask my dearest if friends and family even if it seemed cause I don't keep in touch that I have forgotten you but far from it my life is full of good memories of all of you. It's just unfortunate that situations like this make us reconnect again.

I kindly ask you to help out with anything at all and as soon as you can so I can get my license done and hopefully can repay you back one day. I'm currently on JSA and get £146 every 2 weeks. I have ran out of ideas and as much as I hate doing this but I'm stuck and have no other options. 

I just hope and pray that no friend or even enemy will have to experience what I have been through in the last few months. But I believe that there is still kindness out there and I definitely try to teach my daughter that.


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