I need help to send my daughter to college

by Hannah Harris in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

I need help to send my daughter to college
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Hi, my name is Hannah and I’m a single mum to 2 amazing teens. They have been my young carers for the last 7 years now as I suffer from hy...

by Hannah Harris in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Hannah and I’m a single mum to 2 amazing teens. They have been my young carers for the last 7 years now as I suffer from hypersensitivity pneumenitis and HLH. They have never once complained and have been beyond life saving. I won’t go into too much detail but they’ve had a rough few years and have been to say goodbye to me twice as I’ve been in a coma and extremely unwell. I am still here and so grateful to still be fighting but an opportunity has come up for my 16 year old daughter that is her dream and I cannot let her turn it down. 

She has played football since she was 7, she started in a local grassroots team and progressed up to county. Four years ago she went to trial for Arsenal women and didn’t make it, it was hard but she never gave up and just worked harder. She was determined so 3 years ago, a year on from her first trial, she went to trial again. This time she was successful! I spent a lot of time driving her up to Hertfordshire for training and matches but it was worth it to see her progress and be so happy. My condition worsened 18 months in and I could not drive. She was so disappointed and so worried about me but kept working in the hope she could go back one day. Just over a year on I recovered enough to drive and Arsenal welcomed her back happily. She never stopped working.

She has now been offered the most amazing opportunity for her by Arsenal to train with them full time, play matches along side taking her a-levels there as well. She would get her foot onto the first step of the England National  pathway.  This was something we never expected. The club have been amazing and have funded everything they can possibly do. Because of our distance from where she needs to be she would have to stay in their accommodation which due to lack of government funding they cannot help with the cost of. We haven’t long been told this so have been left with very little time. If I cannot pay for accommodation I will have to look at driving her there and back daily which depending on traffic could mean around 5-6 hours of travel a day. With my health being the way it is this is a real last resort, plus she would struggle to have time to complete extra work. 

She has worked so hard and pushed through every obstacle she has faced so far, it would devastate us both to have to turn this down. She has worked and we have both saved as much as we can but have nowhere near enough. We have never asked before and we’re not really comfortable in doing so but can see no other options.

Anything that anyone can do to help would be hugely appreciated. Thank you. 

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