Any help very appreciate

by Anton Puskaric in London, England, United Kingdom

Any help very appreciate
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My plan is start my business in trading futures and mentoring. Also, part of that plan, is to establish a non-profit organisation.

by Anton Puskaric in London, England, United Kingdom

My name is Anton Puskaric 34 years old and recently finished studying in London acheiving Advanced Diploma Level 5 in Market Analysis and Trading. My plan is start my business in trading futures and mentoring. Also, part of that plan, is to establish a non-profit organisation which will help stop people becoming homeless although I hope this will form a part of my futures business once I am established.

I appreciate London can be anonymous and unfriendly to newcomers especially and really can sympathise with any one not i  a position to afford safe accomodation. I went through very difficult situation; my possessions were stolen and  I became homeless, left without anything,  which forced me to reconsifer my life, open my eyes and heart as never before in life. I love England and English people and feel something special now I am settling in more. I know and feel that I will change many lives in future and that is my call.  Also I came her to settle down and establish my family one day. I don't have any securities and I am in need of help so I can start my business. Also my plan is to take evening classes in Global politics and International Relationships at Birkbeck UNI which will help me in my  career as Trader and Business Manager. My background is ex-merchant navy officer and I am very disciplined. I had 7 years sea life and traveling  worldwide. I learned a lot about nations, macro economy, geopolitics and of course humanity. I believe each of as can do something for each other, give more love, compassion and value and these are the small steps which will help form futures generations. I came from Croatia , my mother is there, she is not in best health and she can't help me unfortunately. My father died when I born just 8 years before Yugoslavia war which I'm ashamed as war not should happen and hope many Nations will learn something from that. Proud that I am in England and can develop myself and grow as individual with good manners and lots of love. I am believer  that any change and support we give to other instantly changes our life for the better. I'm greatfull and lots of love from my heart! I appreciate any help or advice you can give me. Thank you.

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