I need a life!

by Mohammed in London, England, United Kingdom

I need a life!
Not quite
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Hi all, I have always been stuck paying debts. I need your help to clear £20,000 debt i have left to repay so i can start a life of my own.

by Mohammed in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi all,

I am in need of your help. I have a debt of £10,000 left to repay. I have never had a proper life as all my money always been paying debts i owe and bills. Please help me repay my debt and i promise i will help someone else in the future. This will help me get back on my feet and start a career. 

I manage to get in debt when my mother both kidneys stopped working and i was on and off work and intrest built up on loans and bills. Now she has recieved a kidney from hospital and i want to start a fresh life. 

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