i listen

i listen

I am trying to raise funds to start up an app to help people getting bullied. From children to adults. Chat based advice.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I need funds for launhcing an app called i listen. 

The main aim of the app is antibullying and general advice on day to day matters. 

The app will be for children and adults for annonymous advice for bullying of any form from racism, diasbility, sex orientation, reglion or any other form of bullying.

The app will offer advice on tackling bullying. It will also offer a one to one chat service for any issues that people have. All of which is done annonymously so it creates a sense of confidence for the user.

Your contribution will help children and adults with bullying issues and hopefully build a brighter future for them.

You contribution will help set up a unique service and help children and adults on daily basis.