I have been scammed and looking for help

by Chris Hemming in 

I have been scammed and looking for help
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Please help me raise £60,000 to gain back the money I have been scammed out of, as the banks refusing to help me.

by Chris Hemming in

I am a simply regular guy, married with 3 kids and like all good husbands & fathers I am trying my best to provide.

Due to the current economic climate my business is not a good as it was, so I tried to make an income elsewhere, reading lots of information about bitcoin I thought this could be an opportunity to help me, but instead I was scammed and has put me on the verge of bankruptcy.

I started with a company called Cryptopoint they offered great returns with a Managed Account, and said they only make money when I do, they claimed to be a London based firm regulated by the FCA

All started off superb, we were making great profits, as the profits were so good i invested more, they did use pressure tactics to get me to keep investing, but as we were making so much I thought this was going to be the one thing that would make my family financially secure.

As time went on it was brilliant, and I was very excited, but then it got to a stage where when they wanted me to invest more, but i didn't have the funds or credit left to do so, this was where it all went wrong.

Soon as they realised there was no more money to come from me, my account manager called me to say they had a great opportunity and made some investments on my behalf, within 10 minutes these "Great" investment lost my entire account, leaving me with about £3,000.

They claimed there was a market crash, but upon looking further into this [and i have all the charts] there was no such crash, in fact there was little movement in this time, and they fraudulently falsified my trades to loose.

I took screenshots, and raised my complaint, to which they became very aggressive, locked me out of my account and refused to speak to me, or answer any emails.

Investigating the company afterwards, I found out the address in London was a lie, they had never had offices there, and in fact the company was traced back to Sofia in Bulgaria, a non regulated company offering no protection

I have raised complaints and chargebacks with the credit cards, and all the banks, HSBC, MBNA, Barclays, Halifax, Virgin Money have refused to help, they seem to agree I was scammed but say they offer no protection in cases like this? I have raised complaints against them all with the Financial Ombubdsman, but  2 months plus in I have had no reply..

I have raised a fraud case with the Police, but this has done nothing, I have written to the Mayor of Sofia in Bulgaria, but even though the email was opened, it has been ignored.

I have written to This Morning to try and get media coverage, again ignored.

I am now on the verge of having to go bankrupt, and I feel I have totally been let down by the banks and the Financial Ombudsman as I am being ignored, these scammers need to be stopped, and its the bank and lack of help that is helping these scam companies get away with it.

I am desperate for help, this has taken its toll on my health, and and at an all time low, so I am reaching out for help, please help me raise the money needed to pay the credit card companies back and get my life back on track and get this nightmare to end. It won't bring the scammers to justice, but it will help a regular guy that just tried to aim for financial security for his family.

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