I Hate Yellow- short film

by Charlie O'Brien in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

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We are a new, young production company, in need of the funds to help us tackle the film production costs for 'I Hate Yellow'.

by Charlie O'Brien in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

"When I was born, my parents really liked the colour yellow. So, they bought me yellow clothes and toys and painted my room yellow. I grew up with yellow as my favourite colour and that sort of stuck for my whole life. All because the first colour I saw was yellow. Well as it is, I hate yellow."

We are born into a dominant social ideology, and we grow up to believe that this man made ideal is the best, and only way we can survive. This, however, doesn't mean that there's no other way to live.The project aims to open minds and help people take a different more subjective look upon the world we live in and the different rules and traditions that we live by which are only viable because of their roots in history.

'I Hate Yellow' follows the story of a girl who questions the faults in our society. Through doing so, we meet a vast array of extravagant characters who all tell tales of different parts of society, opening up the many social dispositions that inhabit today's world.

This project is an amateur project, but we are optimistic and willing to put in the hard needed work to create something powerful and meaningful to an audience, to hopefully spark new ideas in society and invite open minded thinking into our own ideologies.

Meet our team



Alex has been apart of the Theatre Royal Arts Course since a young age, acting in many different shows and short films throughout her life. Being also part of SixToes, she is heavily involved with the development of 'I Hate Yellow'. This level of involvement has meant that she has been a direct part of the creation of her character, allowing her to find herself within a character she has partially helped create. Alex's character of "Girl" is the main chacater within 'I Hate Yellow', and therefore we found it crucial that Alex was able to truly represent this character in a meaningful and powerful way.


47f6e735078e6c053dea7d81e7b9667c3a96c19bCharlie is a fellow member of Six Toes. As part of a team we decided that we wanted to expand our horizons further than just theatre, allowing us and others to have opportunities to fully maximise their potential. Charlie is excited to pioneer a film production path for SixToes, and through writing the script has developed his own filmmaking in several projects outside of SixToes. As a director and writer, Charlie enjoys pinpointing political and societal issues to project in his work. 



Heather and Amelia have worked together in many different projects. As leading members of SixToes, they oversee all of the projects, acting as the final say as to what happens. They are both extremely excited to be tackling this project and helping allow it to fulfil its potential.

Where will the money be going?

The aesthetic aims to follow a 70s look. Flares. Bad hair dos. Bright colours. Questionable wallpapers.

The money is needed to help us bring this look to life. Conceptually, we are looking to build a dining room in an old village hall! Therefore we need the resources (wallpaper, walls, support, etc.). The money will also go towards furnishing this with tables, and sofas.

To also fulfil this look, we will need to find the appropriate clothing which does not come cheap!

Money has already been invested into sound and picture equipment, however the level of lighting that we invest in depends on whether or not we fulfil our target. 

Despite all of this, we are aiming to bring in costumes, props and set for as cheap as possible, making the most of online bidding sites, local charity shops and our own wardrobes. 

Your support, in whatever form, would help us tremendously and all of us at SixToes would sincerely appreciate any help that you could give us.

If you have any more questions or queries about 'I Hate Yellow', or SixToes, please contact us at sixtoestheatreco@gmail.com, or find us on social media:

- Twitter: @sixtoes_theatre

- Instagram: @sixtoestheatreco

- Facebook: Six Toes Theatre Company


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