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We are aiming to set up a FREE and exciting,professional music tuition syllabus using video/pdfs downloads to be used within any community

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

On the above video is a performance by my band to say thanks for watching and reading about this project- i am the guy with the pink guitar on the right :)

Jack, in the picture above (see link beneath this paragraph) is one of my many young talented students-Jack Blacker and is currently studying his grade 5 guitar exam. Jack is an amazing young lad who comes from a challenging background but guitar really does enhance his life- as it does with all my students- see Jack here- copy the link into your browser and watch little Jack rock!As featured in the press


Kids and adults alike love music and the joy of creating music is food for the soul!! Too many people/kids stare at a computer screen/occupy their time with video games.

Unfortunately underpriveledged kids can't afford good tuition and would like to help them get it free for the beginning stages- which are the most important, the foundation everything will be built on

As a teacher for over 25 years now, having taught tens of thousands of students in schools,colleges,universities and given masterclasses in guitar playing worldwide and seeing the joy another human can get from the instrument is a huge reward

I have particularly been touched by the sense of achievement from the less fortunate kids, those who may not have a great home environment or the socially anxious/disabled- what it gives these people is a lifeline and something to reach for, that in turn nurtures their soul

I would like to give anyone the opportunity to learn to play an instrument correctly,taught by professional musicians who have success within the industry and know how to impart their love for the instrument.

There is already free info out there already but is often lacking in many areas and hinders the student further down the line due to incorrect tuition methods

As a tutor i have taught all of the current grading systems on the instrument and have seen in practice what is missing from the current systems

An online course of free video tuition (professionally shot) with step by step instruction from a total beginners level with PDF book for download

Beginners course will be learning to play both current (updated weekly) and classic songs....every lesson will have a video lesson breaking down chords, rhythms/techniques necessary and a step by step video professionally shot, with a practice along feature from very,very slow speed upward to get used to the ideas. Employing a method that is both original,innovative and exciting,but most of all, every piece of information necessary is there-unlike the free information that is currently available

As guitar is the most popular instrument on the planet i have chosen to start with this instrument first and have a team of specialist instrument teachers ready to go for vocals,drums, songwriting, keyboard if this project is a success

Basically the idea is that the learners' hand is held through each step and they can hear and see exactly what is required as they can see it onscreen and access pdf's of the music and tablature whilst technically learning the correct way to ensure progress and achievement- i would like every lesson to be available on either guitar pro program or have an app that can slow down each idea and then loop it so the student can play along....the syllabus is the key- and mine works!

We need good cameras, lighting, help with the graphic design,music liscences to use current popular music to engage the student then the promotional tools to get the idea out there for all to enjoy! 

Thanks so much for any help in making this dream become a reality!