I found somewhere to live!

I found somewhere to live!

As people know, I've been couchsurfing much of the last year. I finally got a job and found a cheap flat but I need help placing a deposit!

We did it!

On 24th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £230 with 5 supporters in 21 days

As many of my friends and loved ones know, I've been couchsurfing for much of the past year. 

I escaped an abusive relationship, but that meant being thrown on the street with no money and no place to stay. Luckily my friend took in my pet for me, but she couldn't take me in too. 

I finally found a full time and permanent job, but it has been hard to save on the income support until I landed this position very recently. 

Good news:

I found the perfect flat, rent within my wages, and it's 10 minutes from work!


Not so great news:

The deposit is £850. 


I need help from anybody with kindness out there right now. If I can't land this place I could lose my job to long commutes and lack of money to get myself there, as well as having to face goof to back to the hostility I tried to escape in my family home, which landed me into the abuse in the first place. 

Please donate if you can, whatever you can! I'll be grateful eternally and I can even trade prints for those who want something exchanged. 




I can't believe how much support I've gotten for this! Thank you all so much!

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