I dared my friend to ruin my life

by Eve Clear in Wembley, England, United Kingdom

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

MrCreepyPasta in its glorious narration made us see the potential this horror story-masterpiece I might add-can have if it'd become a movie.

by Eve Clear in Wembley, England, United Kingdom

There is not much to say about myself only that I am keen on pursuing ideas that other people say are great but simply don't have the required resources to display them in reality,to materialise them.

I intend on raising more than 250,000$ with which I'll hire a proffesional team which will handle all the difficulties an indie movie might present.

By the end I want to see a horror story that many people wished to see transformed in a movie.Therefore I ask of you to be as generous as you can be and only that.1$,5$ doesn't seem like much but when 50,000 people donate 5$ you just made a 250,000$ movie budget.

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