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Mental health positive awareness for the charities that are already doing so much great work fighting to lower the stigma of mental illness.

by matthew.strong@oneworld.net in London, England, United Kingdom

I.D.S.T stands for If Destroyed Still True.

This innocent statement comes from my youth.

It was used when you wanted to confirm something you had written - for example; West Ham are the best - I.D.S.T

I think that in the context of mental illness, it becomes more powerful.

I have a serious mental health illness, & since my first breakdown in 2002, to the recent relapse, my life although on the outside may appear to be perfect - but on the inside I am battling to survive each waking moment, maintaining a long term mental health issue is exhausting work that quite often goes on unseen by others.

But I do keep on going, with the support of my family, friends & the professional medical advice I somehow am still here - I.D.S.T

I also wish to lower the stigma attached to mental illness, by sharing my personal work that I have been producing since the mid 90's, by setting up an exhibition called I.D.S.T - if destroyed still true, which I hope will raise money for the charities & medical teams that have helped me through my darkest of times.

I hope & want for the viewer to begin to see the World through my mind, in a positive light, with a series of large scale photographs, writing, film work & a creative book - will help to piece together the puzzle of mental illness in one project, from the patients point of view.

The money gained from the sale of the photography book & framed photography prints will be split and sent directly to the mental health charties in the UK, and the donations sent to this crowd funder will help pay for the printers, framers, equipment hire & venue hire to actually get this project made & up running.

Finally I would love for this exhibition & book launch to help me to relaunch my career as a creative & begin to rebuild my life again, to do what I've always ever wanted to do & that is to be a successful creative person.

You can look at my work here;


Thank you in advance

Matt Strong


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You will get to choose an A3 sized photography print from my portfolio, as a gift of thanks for the support of I.D.S.T

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