I Choose Not to Place 'dis' in My Ability

I Choose Not to Place 'dis' in My Ability

20 wheelchairs, 13 crutches, 5 pairs of reading glasses, 4 braille machines & uniforms & books for the disabled children in the Kibera Slums

We did it!

On 20th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £150 with 10 supporters in 42 days

I Choose Not to Place 'dis' in My Ability is an initiative that was started by 3 Kenyan youths in 2014, with the aim of creating awareness on disability issues and helping people with disabilities (especially children) discover their potential as early in life as possible.

Disability is caused by the way society is organised, rather than by an individual's impairment or difference. Often you will hear disabled people say they are disabled by the world around them, and if the world was more accessible, they would be less disabled and just left with their impairment.

Following several visits to the slums of Kibera last year, we discovered that there was many children with disabilities being kept in their 'homes' either because of poverty or shame or just because there is still sometimes the belief that such children are a curse and thus a taboo to talk about.

Having carried out a number of campaigns and speaking directly with the parents of the children, they are ready to overcome and challenge the stigma that is attached to disability. On top of this, we have engaged with a number of doctors who have agreed to provide free check ups and home visits. We have also helped to arrange for a number of the children to be accepted into local children centres where they can be further supported.

Towards the end of 2016, we started our intergration program whereby discussions were held with a few local schools about enabling some of the children to learn within their classrooms and the idea was highly welcomed. However, this is where we need your help. It has been quite a challenge so far as the majority of the children require special services with regards to accessibility that are not offered within regular schools.

To help make this initiative succeed to the next stage, we urgently need to raise funds to purchase 20 wheelchairs, 13 pairs of crutches, 5 pairs of reading glasses, 4 braille machines along with unifroms and books for the soon to be students!

Any donation big or small will truly help to make a lasting impact for these children and their families. You will be helping to provide them with the opportunity to learn and intergrate with society which no value can be placed on.

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