I-Care London
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The aim of I-Care is to support people in the community that might have experienced domestic violence, long and short term emotional support

by michell montgomery in London, England, United Kingdom

As the founder of I-Care it is vital for our service to listen to people and their needs.

Based on the identified needs of the person we build a personal program to increase quality of life and enhance the positive parts.

Most clients of I-Care have come to our service via word by mouth but we are continuing to build community relations with other projects.

We have members that pay an annual fee of £55.00 and in return they have access to all parts of the service but we have members that are not using the service but donate their fee to help cover the cost for those who are coming to us on a low income.

Money raised via crowdfunding will help us cover running costs and will help widen our outreach program.