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I want to give women tools to make personal development inclusive. I want to rewrite the rhetoric that self-care is a privilege.

by Jessica Adams in Hove, England, United Kingdom

My passion and purpose in life has always been to help, support and guide. Being able to do this has always brought me immense accomplishment. I grew up in a lone parent household and saw and experienced first hand the daily struggles my mother endured for our family. With her endless and relentless encouragement I became a first generation scholar from Liverpool in the school of Law. I then moved back home to Brighton where I specialised in a Masters' degree in Education and Social Work. Throughout that year, I researched, designed and facilitated an anger management program for boys between the ages of 11-16. This was acknowledged by Ofsted and the department of Education.
I had gained employment as a pastoral counselor and was overwhelmed by my observations of the pressures my female students faced. Given the success of my previous program, I designed another program. This time, for male and female students aged 15-16. This was about developing their critical thinking when consuming media platforms and advertising. This program made it into the National Curriculum.
My next challenge is to start up my own business. I want to show women across the world that self-care is a necessity and is inclusive. Self-care is not just elitist ideas such as weekend breaks and spa days. Self-care is a mind-set, and this mind-set will bring empowerment to the lives of many, and will impact on the people who are surrounded by the women who sign up to the course. Women are considered to be the care-givers in our society. Women are also still faced with oppression in the media, workplace, and the oppression they (myself included!) put on themselves.
This online program is the start of something bigger. Once I have the investment, I want to expand the program to twelve sessions. I also want to incorporate a joyful movement element, which will empower women to want to move to feel good and give them energy - not for body alteration. I want to create a platform for local workshops, and going into schools and holding workshops with female students. I want to make the program into a toolkit so schools can use this on a national basis.
I am extremely lucky to have found a business consultant who has some incredible ideas and strategies to get the business seen and experienced. I just need some investment to make this happen.
If I am able to raise enough to make this program a success, I will be able to turn my passion into the ability to directly impact on so many lives of women and girls. I want to show them that they have always had the potential to dream and aspire and achieve.

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