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Me and mummy to travel to America for intensive therapy in the Anat Baniel Method (ABM), a transformational neuro-movement approach for CP

by Paul Loftus in Haywards Heath, England, United Kingdom

Hello, I am Rupert.  

Me and my identical twin, George were born at just 24 weeks gestation in 2015. Devastatingly, George was born sleeping but his spirit very much lives on in me. I defeated the odds and was able to finally come home after a 142 day stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I have been told I am a gorgeous little guy, with big blue eyes, an infectious smile and am simply wonderful. 

But my difficult start is far from over. Due to oxygen and blood deprivation in utero, I suffered extensive brain injury and as a result I have  quadriplegic cerebral palsy (CP) with dystonia. I also have epilepsy in addition to a severe form of childhood seizures called Infantile Spasms. I am significantly limited in all movement; I have no hand or leg control and poor head control, leading to difficulties in feeding and swallowing. I cannot walk, crawl or talk yet (though I desperately want to). I am also partially sighted. We don’t know what level of physical and mental function I will have in the future but my parents and friends are utterly dedicated to giving me a wonderful and fun life.

There is no cure for CP but there is lots that can be done to help support my development and most of all to make my life one of joy, love and laughter. That’s where you lovely people come in. Please donate whatever amount you can, get involved and join us on this journey.

The next fund raiser is happening on September 15th 2017. My Dad (Paul) and his good friends Paul Grant and Marcus Atkinson will be cycling 284km, 1km for each day that I spent in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and 1km for each day we missed George. The route has been chosen wisely to go through the National Forest between Seville and Granada. The trek is to take around 3 days and all proceeds and donations will go towards funding a 3 week intensive course of treatment at ABM Neuromovement in America that will not only make a huge difference to me immediately but also give Mum and Dad full training to enable them to continue providing this amazing therapy every day and week going forward.  Dad's lifelong family friend Dominic Jaume will be driving the support car carrying a copious supply of bandages and pain killers as Dad, Paul and Marcus overcome total climbs of over 11,000 feet and drops of just under 9,000 feet over a gruelling 3 day period. 

Please give whatever you can, even donations of 50p to £1 will make a huge difference and will make Dad feel better about probably not being able to walk properly for a week after 3 days of humilation (he hasn't been training properly for this....)

Thank you



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