'I am an Immigrant' Poster Campaign

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On 24th February 2015 we successfully raised £54,101 with 1524 supporters in 21 days

Posters of migrants contributing to British life across all tube and rail networks.

by tony.philip@jcwi.org.uk in

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bridgets 8th March 2015

Such a great campaign and so needed now when all this anti-immigrant, negative media is every where you look. I am an immigrant, and have been working in education for nearly 15 years and am now a Deputy Head. So many of the people that keep this country (which I love) running are from all around the world and it's time that this is celebrated, something that this is campaign is doing! Well done!

wilson-solicitors-llp 23rd February 2015

This is a fantastic campaign. You have the full support of Wilson Solicitors and we hope the posters get a really positive picture of immigration across to the public. We feel so let down by our so called political leaders and the media for the constant scapegoating of immigrants. People who have immigrated to this country have made an outstanding contribution to the economy, to society and to our cultural life - lets put the record straight. Well done JCWI for this initiative.

sharedcityuk 23rd February 2015

We absolutely love this idea and wish you every success. Like you our social enterprise celebrates different the cultures & traditions brought by immigrants from around the world over many many years. In London we are virtually all immigrants and it is the best city in the world! We look forward to seeing this project develop over the coming months..

benjamin.sb 23rd February 2015

I'm an immigrant, too, working in science to try and find better treatments for cancer. This campaign is sending a message that has been long overdue: anti-immigration politics is not only morally deplorable, it's economically and practically stupid. The more people get to see how immigrants make a positive contribution to society, the better!

jackandrewhamish 22nd February 2015

Seeing this campaign really moved me. A history of embracing immigrants is one of the things that made Britain Great. Deeply shamed by the way I have seen immigrants treated by our last two Governments and very proud to be able to support this campaign in a small way.

s.chelvan 22nd February 2015

We need to fight back against the untruths which are being spread about immigration. Migrants have contributed positively to what is now modern Britain. This is why I am participating in the poster campaign, and why I am proud to stand-up, be counted, and say with immense pride, "I am an Immigrant!".

ella.felix 21st February 2015

I think this is a great project. I am French/German and although I have lived in the UK most of my life I am not allowed to vote so hopefully this can make some difference.

alicja 20th February 2015

I am so happy you came up with the idea for this campaign! I am a Polish immigrant and when I listen to politicians I feel like I am no longer welcome in this country and worry that one day I may have to leave. It's great to know that there are people who celebrate immigrants instead of blaming us for all that is wrong in the world!

sheraz-qureshi 19th February 2015

A brilliant campaign. I hope it will be possible to expand the campaign so that posters can appear in other areas in the uk where anti immigrant rhetoric is particularly prevalent. I've made and a donation and have encouraged others to do so :)

chris.j.arnold 19th February 2015

I think this campaign is brilliant. I've pledged. If you want advice from an experienced adman (ex Saatchi board director and Creative Director) happy to chat and advise for free. Have had over 30 charity & NGO clients. Chris Arnold, founder, Creative Orchestra. m: 07778 056686 chris@creativeorchestra.com

venkata.patchamatlagmail.com 17th February 2015

Glad to see something like this in the country especially during Elections period. An immigrant contribution to any country is unmatchable to anything else and Britain as a country is/was never an exception. All the best for the Campaign.

gedi 17th February 2015

Refugees I work with have experienced an increase in violent hate crime since the rise of UKIP. Fleeing your country in fear of your life only to be targetted here by people who have been stirred up by the likes of Farage and the Tories. That's not cricket is it? We need this campaign to start to redress the balance.

altaf-s 17th February 2015

This is a great moment and a first in the history of British Immigrants! Great foresight and wisdom to start a well balanced campaign against the ignorance and rhetoric going on against immigrants in the UK. Good luck Saira!

thomascole 16th February 2015

as a Briton living abroad, the increasing media hysteria about immigration in the UK sickens me. In the 21st century, we live in a gobalised world and we should embrace the benefits which immigration has brought to the UK. It has made the country a richer place, not only economically but also culturally, including to the arts, music and cuisine. The UK would be a poorer place all round without the efforts which migrants have generated for the country. all the very best for the poster campaign!


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