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HYPS - Office/LivingRoom

by Nyree Bartholomew in Catcliffe, England, United Kingdom

HYPS - Office/LivingRoom
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HYPS is looking to help more dogs, we need more space to do this. We are looking to purchase a Portacabin for a much needed office area.

by Nyree Bartholomew in Catcliffe, England, United Kingdom

HYPS currently rent a small 15 kennel block at a boarding kennels, which has a small kitchen are and an outside toilet. There is a small amount of land at the side of us which we have permission to have an office/staff room on. Our aim is to buy a portacabin or wooden summerhouse which we could have 2 rooms in. The first room would be an office/reception area and the other a staff room/living room. We have 1 full time member of staff who is solely responsible for the day to day care of our dogs both in our kennels and in foster. At the moment she spends part of her time at kennels and has to go home to do the admin side of the work. Having the office area would save travel time and expense, freeing up time to be spend much more productively. This area would also be used as a reception area, where we could take families to fill adoption paperwork out much more professionally than we do at present. We would have display space to sell HYPS merchandise too which would boost our income. The other room would be a staff room/living room area, where volunteers could come to have a break or lunch etc. At the moment we have no space for this which limits how long volunteers can spend at kennels. This area would also provide respite from kennels for the dogs that particularly struggle with this environment. Some of our dogs have come from extremely stressful situations, they are confused and anxious when arriving. Having a relaxed 'normal' home environment for us to take them to will have such a positive affect on their wellbeing. This 'normal' environment will also be used for Meet and Greets where the dogs don't show their true selves in a kennel environment, a potential family can get a much better idea of a dogs true character once they are relaxed and calm. We would also be able to use some of the space for storage, at the moment we have to use one of the kennels for much needed storage, we could put the donations, food in the portacabin where it would be dry and safe, giving us the extra kennel space back for dogs in need.


With funding from the Aviva Community Fund, we would like to purchase the following:

Portacabin/Summerhouse £5500

Building/Preparation work £1000

Office and Living Room Furniture £1500

Computer Equipment £1500

Security £1000


The impact would be threefold, the dogs would have a safe, relaxed home environment to relax in and meet their potential new families in. Our staff would have somewhere onsite to do the much needed administration work, saving money and time travelling. Volunteers would also have an area for breaks enabling us to recruit more volunteers and grow our organisation, offering more volunteer and paid opportunities for our local community in the future.

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