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Hypochondriac is a body horror film about a boy’s hygiene routine and the advertising industry that surrounds it.

by Joe Downey in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

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A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone that donated, it really means a bunch. If anyone is interested in further donating towards the film's festival submission fees they are more then welcome to ( also more then welcome to not do so as it's a bit cheeky)  

Hypochondriac deals with the societal paranoia about the teenager’s body image, as well as the fear-based facial products marketed towards them. As The Host starts to panic about his face, things go awry when the need to cleanse becomes his eventual downfall. The film has been envisioned as ‘The Fly meets Skins,’ due to Joe’s intention to use the overt aesthetic of the body horror genre and mix it with the teen-based themes of anxiety, panic and self-esteem issues. 

Why donate?

Hypochondriac’s story is incredibly prop and make-up based. In order to create the gruesome bloodbath we’ve envisioned we require a higher budget for materials. Your donations would also go toward actor travels and expenses, feeding the crew and contributing to the festival circuit. 

“Meat” the Crew:

Joe Downey - Writer/Director

Joe is the writer and director of this project. He is keen to work on the subgenre of body horror as he believes that it will challenge him and force him to create a message necessary for teen audiences. Joe has worked on a variety of projects including short films that have made it into film festivals. He would like to push this film into the festival circuit as he believes its a story that holds the necessary weight.

Matthew Williams - Producer/Production Designer

Matthew is keenly taking on the challenge of being both the producer and production designer on this project.  He is working the kinks behind the scenes and in front of the camera with the props and set design. He is collaborating with a highly skilled crew of make-up artists who are able to turn the gore-filled concept of Hypochondriac into a gruesome reality.  The film’s production design is a vital element as it deals with the obnoxious nature of hygiene products as well as encapsulating the behaviour of The Host through his environment.  

Jack Greenwood  - Assistant Director

As a big fan of the body horror genre, Jack has been working closely with Joe to make the script as good as it can get. Being an experienced production manager he has a well-rounded knowledge of the filmmaking process allowing him to make a smooth transition into the 1st AD role (he also loves bossing people around.)

Cameron Dupuy - Director of Photography 

As director of photography, Cameron is our eyes for the project.  Having a longstanding passion for filmmaking, Cameron has a wide and varied experience working on many fascinating projects including a Channel 4 shoot. He will comprise his skills to make Hypochondriac look the best it can.

Joss Morfitt - Assistant Camera

Joss has a love for horror and knows all the ins-and-outs of the genre. Joss is Cameron’s second set of eyes for the project, working together as a hive mind, in order to fulfil the story’s vision.

Cerys Brown - Sound

Cerys is our ears for the project, working to ensure the film’s environment is fully realised.  Whether this be the sound of a mutation or the dripping of a tap, Cerys is keen to create a sound design that fully embodies the world of the film. Cerys has lots of on-set experience and thought the possibilities of sound exploration within the project was an unmissable opportunity.

Dan Harden - Editor

Dan is our editor of the film, meticulously cutting to give you, the viewer, the full dread that The Host is experiencing. Dan is eager in the field of editing to help create the grisly world we envisioned. Dan is a giant fan of the horror genre, The Evil Dead in particular.

For Joe's previous work, check the link below:



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