Hypnotherapy qualification

Hypnotherapy qualification

To fund a Hypnotherapy course for a hugely talented man so that he can start his own Dorset based hypnotherapy business.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Hi and firstly, thanks for having a look at what could be a mutually beneficial project.  

On the right is a chap called Gavin Giles, there he is and he is a hugely talented hypnotist.  Gavin currently works for the water board digging holes in roads, an admirable job but a wasted talent and not one he wants to be doing until retirement.  His passion is hypnotherapy and the hope is that with my computer savvy and Gavin's unique ability, we can get him qualified and into self-employment doing what he loves.

Gavin is Dorset born and a 47 year old father of two lads in their early adult years.  In his words, he has had a lot of life experiences giving him empathy in many areas, something he believes helps his hypnotherapy.  He cannot remember when he first picked up a book about hypnotherapy although it was before it became popular in the 80s on the TV.   Gavin found the history behind hypnosis particuarly fascinating, reading about the hypnotic states that Mozart and Einstein used to be in when they were being 'brilliant'.  Mozart's Piano Sonata No 16 and Einstein's theory of relativity didn't just drop through the letterbox apparently.

In order for Gavin to work in hypnotherapy, he needs to become qualified and for the reasonable sum of £504.00 he can do the 8 modules needed to earn his Diploma in Hypnotherapy, a recognised qualification.

May I suggest you have a look at www.hypnoticworld.com which has all the info and if you do an independant search for reviews, you will be pleasantly surprised I think.

Gavin will be charging £40.00 per hour when he 'goes live' and as such, crowdfunding gives you or a friend a very reasonable offer with a high discount for those putting their faith in his ability.   If you don't need to give up a vice or address a phobia, how about having Gavin round for a party.....that's where I had a snowball fight in the height of summer and met the Queen naked - yup, he put me under.  On a more serious note, he has stopped people smoking, helped them get over their fear of flying and seasickness,  addressed phobias, stress, anxiety, quite simply, he has a gift.

If you would like to help, we would both be so grateful and with the full support of his wife Sam, we can have Gavin up and trained within 12 months and able to repay your kindness and faith.