HyperTribe - Founding Members Club

by Kimberly Dickson in London, England, United Kingdom

HyperTribe - Founding Members Club


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Rewarding music fanatics with exclusive opportunities and rewards that get them closer to their favourite music artists.

by Kimberly Dickson in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi, I am Kimberly the Founder of HyperTribe and my core mission is to fix some of the most pressing issues within the music industry, alongside my innovative and specialist team.

The Problem 

I have worked in the music industry and as a music manager and fan, events director and studio owner I have seen that fans want more. More, acknowledgement of their support, more access, more personalised experiences like meeting their favourite artists. 

In addition, I have seen first hand the 'wasteful' business model that the current industry works on. For music artists, the industry for an artist is expensive, risky, and there are too many links in the chain that by the time the artist gets paid the money is so far diluted that it gives artists a basic means of survival.

The HyperTribe Platform 

So, I created Hypertribe to fix these problems and we have been on a rollercoaster of 2 years research to make this happen. HyperTribe, was a product built around fixing the problem detailed above. It comes as an application platform that enables music artists to get closer to their fans and fans to get access to their favourite artists. My team built the platform around developing a new business model for music artists as well as a more efficient way for artists to say thank you to their biggest fans. By bringing the artist's closer to their fans they get direct feedback from their fans and fans get access to their artists.  

Our features for fans include:

  • Invitations from the artists they love to exclusive live performances and meet and greets
  • Discounts from their favourite brands
  • Access to get rewarded for their listening habits 
  • Artist rewards and merchandise for their loyal following

Our features for artists include:

  • Featured rewards for their fans
  • Sponsors list
  • Analytics on their fanatic audiences
  • Direct messaging for their fan base

Our Mission

HyperTribe works to make fans experience a personal, tailored experience of music. Imagine listening to a live concert at your favourite venue with your favourite food...well we make that happen. At the heart of our ethos is to help fans channel their fanaticism while assisting with sustainable artist development. 

BackHer and HyperTribe

With the funding we are raising we are looking for assistance to launch the network and technology we have already started building. 

  • Community building 

  • Website relaunch

  • Demo video

  • Newsletter launch 

  • Enabling Beta Testing for the App

Future of HyperTribe

We are pretty lucky that we already have the ball rolling for the next 6 months. HyperTribe has a podcast ready to roll out with some incredible industry figures as well as 100 top tier artists as our brand ambassadors. We have partners and brands ready for the launch of the application with the alpha launch happening soon. We have 3 founding events and so as a member, you will receive first look and release of tickets. 

Why become a Founding Member?

Here on BackHer, we are looking to onboard our first Founding Members. This campaign is a way for us to say thank you to those that share the same vision and are willing to support HyperTribe from the beginning. 

Without saying thank you to those who recognise a new model of the industry coming we cannot grow. 

This Founding Membership is here to give early adopters the opportunity of a lifetime membership with exclusive news, events and participation throughout the full life of HyperTribe. We will give you access to what is coming up in the company that employees only would only have access to and be seeking your advice on our next moves as well as inviting you to all the celebrations as they happen. There is a limited time to become a founding member and this offer will not be available in the future.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£500 or more

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Founding Member

As an official Founding Member, you will gain access to all the perks described in the 'Why should I become a Founding Member?' section stated above, but in addition, have first access to the app. As one of the first to download the app, you will get an exclusive look before the public and be able to shape the features we have made. We believe a Founding Member is part of the team and so this reward gives you just that!

£10 or more

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Get a Personal Thank You

We are looking to thank those who even donate £10 to the Founding Members Campaign. In doing so you will receive a handwritten thank you from the Founder of HyperTribe for your support as well as a Branded HyperTribe pen.

£25 or more

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Get In The Know

Want to know the secrets of the music industry? We are offering a quick guide to the secrets of the current market for a limited time. There are only 25 of these available. This is for those that are looking to get some background on what we are about and know what our team knows to give us a competitive edge about the music industry get this download now.

£150 or more

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Get Noticed Bundle - Founding Member Entry Level

Become an official Founding Member ONLY purchased during this campaign and will not be available again. For more information on what this membership includes and why it is so exclusive please see our 'Why should I become a Founding Member?' section above. With this perk you get a HyperTriber, Founders Club T-shirt EXCLUSIVE to this campaign, a personal thank you from the founder and mention on the website under our Founding Members section.

£1,000 or more

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Premium Founding Member

As a Premium Founding Member, you will gain access to all the perks described in the 'Why should I become a Founding Member?' section stated above as well as all the perks above too! As an added bonus to the exclusive invites, t-shirt and mentions we even added a video call from the Founder for a Q&A session. Here you can ask all the questions and get to know the thoughts behind the brand and what we are up to next.

Let's make 'HyperTribe - Founding Members Club' happen

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