Hydro Care: Helping Children Beat Pain

Hydro Care:  Helping Children Beat Pain

To provide Mobile Hydro Pools to children who suffer with medical conditions, disabilities or palliative care for pain relief purposes.

We did it!

On 3rd Dec 2017 we successfully raised £35 with 2 supporters in 35 days



Hydro Care

7 in 1 individuals, 47 percent of them being children suffer from various debilitating medicals conditions and disabilities. The pain impacts the lives of not only those suffering, but their whole family network.

We want to bring pain relief and significant improvements to these individuals through the use of mobile hydro pools to enhance their quality of life and wellbeing.

Will you help us?

The Hydro Care Programme is aiming to be a Community interest Company, that is looking to create a nationwide support programme to benefit and  integrate local communities to provide an alternative to hospital based pain relief treatments, which could offer normalicy to patients and carers/ family lives through our free hydro pool programme.

Hydrotherapy pools are already available to individuals throughout the uk, but with great limitation. They are widely booked, meaning the availability is not there when required. Individuals require transport, which alot of families do not have or can't afford. What if we could provide this service direct to their doorstep? The hydro pools are shown to not only relieve pain, but to help improve physical functions, psychological wellbeing. For the patient groups with sensory, learning, profound/multiple disabilities, as-well as termainally ill patients, research has shown a significant improvement.

By replicating conditions seen through stationary hydrotherapy pools, such as the temperature in both the water and environment for instance, it gives the same positive effect on a more controlled scale, as seen with mobile hydro pools. This is the reason it works, if not better as we can create and control conditions for each individual child, as seen through the use of our sensory equiptment. Hydro care allows us greater flexibility and accessibility with regards to working within disadvantaged communities due to our direct action approach.

We believe and so far have, made a significant impact to peoples mental and physical wellbeing. But we desperately need your help to continue to do so.


What We Need

We need to raise £26,000 to:

  • Reach hundreds of children, carers, parents and medical staff
  • Built relationships with varyious organisations and groups
  • Recruit and train skilled individuals
  • Buy equipment, sensory toys and storage facilities
  • Publicise services to medical departments who could benefit from us

We anticipate that hundreds of parents, children and support units will directly benefit from the money raised.


Where Are We Now

 We have been running a pilot since August 2017, where we have already reached 19 children, with a further 17 being let down, due to the lack of equiptment available. We have direct contact through a group who have been referring individuals to use in the pilot, as we required impartial individuals who would benefit from the programme to get exact results and findings.

 How have we been funding this so far? We accept donations from families who use the free Hyrdo Care programme, where the remainder is provided by our purpose bought luxury spas, supplied to the local community to help fund the revenue to allow the free service to families who really need them.

 The feedback has been outstanding and moving. The majority of the free hyrdo pools has been provided via emergency call from distressed parents, who either don’t care about the money, or don’t have any, but are looking to provide pain relief for their child. We have had a first hand experience at the difference that the Hydro Care Programme has made, which is why we need your help to help more individuals.



Why We Need Your Help

 Hydro Care is currently run by me Heather Robbins, whilst looking after my 3 children Braxton, Harper and Vinnie. I have professional qualifications in Marketing and business development with over 12 years experience with blue chip companies. I have successfully set up and developed various projects for prior companies and individuals in previous years, so i fully understand the dedication, commitment and resources both financially and mentally that is required to maintain and to succed with Hyrdo Care. I have amazing support from my husband who helps with the programme as-well as family and friends, but i need to raise the initial capital to get fully up and running and pay for essentials such as equipment to take the business further.

 Hydro Care will be financed by a mixture of trade revenue (charging for luxury spas to provide monies and supplies to the hydro programme, which has already been a proven success), donations, fundraising and grants. We’ve spoken to several organisations that award funding and they have positively responded to our plans. However, grants do take months to process and having a proven record, on a slightly larger scale will make it more likely to secure funding for long term success. We have also been in contact with medical staff from local organisations who support these vulnerable people, who are very interested in what we are looking to do and achieve.


Our Plan

Crowdfunding will enable us to launch a wider 6 month service, on a greater scale, which means it will benefit a greater number of children. During this time, fundraising, events and grant funding will enable us to provide further hydro pools to a greater number of individuals.

 This is just the start – we have big plans for the future. We are currently looking to expand to further geographical areas, to allow for greater outreach.  We are also talking with medical groups to enable us to use hydrotherapy to not only benefit the physical pain, but to also show and teach carers how to improve physical factors such as muscle growth and increasing joint improvement to individuals, where these skills can be transferred to everyday life.


 The Impact

The compelling evidence is overwhelming with regards to hydro pools used as pain relief for youths. So why not make them mobile? Why cant they be at the end of a phone call, making them more accessible to more individuals, in a wider area. Children shouldn’t have to suffer due to stationary hydro pools being fully booked, or lack of available space in hospitals. Due to lack of transport, monies or even lack of support.

 Why this project?

We believe that Hydro Care is well placed to bring about lasting societal change. Spas don’t just have to be seen as luxury, they have a greater purpose and can serve a greater purpose. Here’s why:

  • Its a well addressed problem, with ample evidence as to the benefits that this type of service we provide will bring.
  • The people working on this project have a proven record in business development and market strategy.
  • The Hydro Care Programme aims to be a community interest company. This means that we can run as an efficient private business, with profits supporting social good.
  • The pilot has been successful and by hiring luxury spas initially has made the project sustainable on a small scale and initially self efficient.



Equipment and consumables

  •  Additional hyrdo pools to enable a greater outreach
  • Electrical, supplies including maintenance and sensory equipment
  • Aids such as inflatable balls and sensory lighting for all abilities We need to reach local communities and groups to provide information on services. This will be through digital channels and printed materials, such as leaflets, attending conferences and workshops.
  • Chemical Supplies


Spreading the word

We need to reach local communities and groups to provide information on services. This will be through digital channels and printed materials, such as leaflets, attending conferences and workshops.


Business Costs

This includes staff costs training, co-ordinating with medical staff and to make sure the project works overall. We also need to pay for essentials such as accountancy fees due to the growth and premises due to the storage of extra equipment.


(Please note. No children from the project are pictured as permissions were not given from guardians).






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