Huruma Children's Home Ngong

Huruma Children's Home Ngong

Promote food security through farming for Huruma Children's Home

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This is a Rain Water  Harvesting project in Gatune  Kiambu County which borders  Kajiado County. It is located 39 kilometers from  Huruma Children's Home .   Our Interest was informed by  the need to grow our own food on our fifteen acres of land located in Ndeiya in Kiambu County in order to provide food for Huruma Children's home-Ngong.   Ndeiya is a semi-arid area charaterised by insuffiecient rainfall.  There are no  sources of water and changes in climatic conditions further aggrevates the situation. However the area has great potentional of farming  because the soils  are fertile and the community is slowly adopting rain water harvesting practice as an alternative source of water for agricultural production.

With the help of an organization called Feeding Mouths Filling Minds Huruma Children's Home was able to exacavate a water harvesting system that can hold upto 1.5Million litres of rainwater from surface runoff. We however need to get this water into the farm from the resevoir in order to benefit from the project. To do this we need to purchase a water pump and install drip irrigation systems to maximize production and enhance water management. 

Help us utilize our water and make this dream a reality!