Hurley's comics-A new diverse genre

by Joseph Samuel Hurley in Dorchester On Thames, England, United Kingdom

Hurley's comics-A new diverse genre
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

my aim is to make my comics a reality by acquiring the funds to make them.

by Joseph Samuel Hurley in Dorchester On Thames, England, United Kingdom

since 2011 I have been writing scripts for comics but it is only recently I finally find artists to help me make them. I need the money to pay and to make more projects become reality. if successful, I will pave the way for a new era for comics. 1535790953_11.jpg1535790938_5.jpg1535790920_40233546_292910124824814_53651535790908_40233564_737886429883153_87091535795758_22281908_1664854663526907_1961535795656_36980972_1996386944006311_4541535795799_IMG_2108.PNG1535796251_27.png

Let's make 'Hurley's comics-A new diverse genre' happen